Harry's Bruce's view of the day.
Harry's Bruce's view of the day.

LETTERS: ‘Some common decency would be nice’



Abortion/State Election

The total irony of Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's stance on border closures and the alleged saving of Queenslanders lives becomes clear when we remember how she and her colleagues, apart from the Bundamba MP Jo-Anne Miller, voted into law the October 2018 Termination of Pregnancy Bill.

The brainchild of then Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, it made legal the killing of unborn children up to and including the day of birth.

This horrendous and viscous act of violence upon our voiceless and defenceless future generations kills an average of 30 unborn children each day, a frightening total that soars way above anything produced by the COVID-19 virus.

By the time the State Election is held on October 31, the total of unborn children killed in Queensland since the passing of this Bill will be almost 22,000.

As well as killing a child, abortion also damages the mother with life long medical and psychological problems which have been extensively documented in medical publications.

A government that sanctions the killing of unborn children is a government that is not fit to hold office.

It is pleasing to note the public announcements by the LNP, One Nation and the Katter Party that they support life and if elected to government will change the law to protect the unborn. They will also offer counselling services, excluded from the 2018 Bill, that explain to the expectant mother the alternatives to the killing of her child.

Good news indeed.

Life in the womb must be treated as sacred and precious.

This can only happen by rejecting the present Labor government and putting in their place those who respect the sanctity of life.

Jeffrey Eacersall, CQ


Aussie or Queenslander

Many people say the government has kept us safe and yes closed borders have to a degree.

But everyone needs to remember we are all Australians first and Queenslanders second, at present we are the other way around to many people.

Our sense of mateship has suffered, it seems that our safety matters the most and bugger the other guy. Not really the Aussie spirit.

Our humanity has suffered as we let our fellow Australians suffer, alone many times.

Where is our compassion? It seems our leaders have none, except some crocodile tears to look good in front of the cameras.

Many people need to place themselves in the other person's place and ask the question 'what would they want'.

A thing our leaders can't seem to do.

Before anyone asks, I'm in the high risk group with having survived cancer, anuresyms and a few other issues.

Please open the borders to those in need, stop locking up sick people and show compassion to those who have lost loved ones.

Just some common decency would be nice.

And show us a plan out of this and the fiscal state of Queensland.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi Oi.

Mark, Berserker




Harry's Bruce's view of the day.
Harry's Bruce's view of the day.




ANON. As far as I am concerned, NSW needs to look after it's own back. She's the one who dropped the ball. The border will be open when our premier says, so keep your nose out of the safe state business.

ANON. If Labor wants to win the fed and state election, they better start looking after pensioners and low income because the Claytons budget does not cut it.

ANT. The upcoming state election will be interesting, I cannot say I am a big fan of any of the political parties or their leaders. I do however believe that Annastacia has done the righty by Queenslanders in keeping us safe from COVID-19. For me that's a plus, if Labor wants to remain in government they need to distance themselves from the Greens or our great state will be brought to its knees through unemployment.

CN. I know why you are only printing texts that support the LNP party and you won't print ones that support the Labor Party in this election. Your paper is owned by Murdoch. Say no more. Editor's note: A s long as an SMS is not defamatory, has baseless personal attacks or is proven to be inaccurate, it will be published.

ANON. I think we need a royal commission into this government for telling so many porky pies they fill the Gabba a hundred times over. When are we going to get a government for the people and not for their very well paid tax payer funded retirement?




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