Harry's view on NSW Premier scandal.
Harry's view on NSW Premier scandal.

LETTERS: Crisis reveals quality of leaders



Australia Matters?

The current COVID crisis has certainly revealed the quality of our leaders in our states today and double standards when it comes down to border closures.

The rich are being allowed in while genuine battlers are required to stay locked down in motel rooms.

The Qld Health officer states that we need to have a 1.5m clearance in public places as well as using hand sanitiser and sterilising our points of contact.

Maybe the fact that Queenslanders have listened to health advice is why we don't have an outbreak of COVID and in fact, lower flu cases?

It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, the virus doesn't discriminate and someone recovering from a brain tumour is least likely to spread a virus around as they would be confined to a room with their problem, yet someone who is a millionaire that has the ability to travel and spread the virus far and wide is not confined?

Border protection is what I believe as a total political campaign for the state ALP to desperately try and regain power for the next four-year term.

They will not produce a budget that outlines the taxes that they will need to pay for their promises before the election.

So are death duties off the agenda and other taxes?

Taxes that stop an economy from developing and stop businesses creating jobs will lead to a four year disaster if Queenslanders don't back the party that will get Queensland working again.

We are all Australians in this crisis and we all need to stand by for each other.

Why are police armed to the hilt at borders while the army are not?

All Australians fought wars with all of our states and territories involved and all Australians matter.

The premiers that intend to incur double standards for the sake of their re-election need to be exposed for their cold, heartless inconsideration for our general public.

Make no mistake, when you strike off the ballot paper that you strike off this ALP Qld government.

Leyland Barnett, North Rockhampton


Shade funding keeps Queensland kids safe

Shade is an essential part of sun protection which is why Cancer Council Queensland has partnered with the Queensland Government to help keep children and young adults covered this year.

Not-for-profit organisations catering for children and young people aged zero to 18 are invited to apply for up to 80 per cent funding, with a maximum of $2000 for portable shade and up to $30,000 for permanent shade structures, through the 2020-21 SunSmart Shade Creation Initiative.

The North West, Central Queensland, Darling Downs, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, South West and Central West Hospital and Health Service (HHS) areas have reported higher sunburn rates in children than the Queensland average. For this reason, application from these areas will be prioritised in this funding round.

So, I urge local sporting organisations, youth community groups, schools, outside school hours care and early childhood centres to apply.

With Queensland having the highest rates of skin cancer in the world - and sun exposure during childhood influencing the risk of skin cancer later in life - this initiative funded by the Queensland Government is vital for our state.

Skin damage can occur in as little as 10 minutes if you're outdoors without protection.

Shade is a practical, user-friendly form of sun protection and research shows that if shade is available, people will use it.

Many Queensland organisations have benefitted from new shade structures through our previous SunSmart Shade Creation Initiative funding rounds - this year it could be you.

Help protect local children and young adults from UV damage by applying for the SunSmart Shade Creation Initiative.

To apply, complete the online application form at www.cancerqld.org.au/shade-initiative/ before 5pm on November 9, 2020.

Chris McMillan, CEO, Cancer Council Queensland




Harry's view on NSW Premier scandal.
Harry's view on NSW Premier scandal.





DOURSCOT. Article Courier Mail 12 October reveals Labor Premier does not have sole right to pick her own Cabinet. Instead this right is shared with faceless powerbrokers of Labor factions. Just goes to show how much say unions have. Need to be careful with allowing this power to non-elected persons.

ANON. A vote for libs is a vote for job losses. As soon as they get in they thin the fat of the phantom jobs. So all you phantom workers beware. They do have a rep for thinning the herd.

LPMC. Why is Qld conducting an expensive election when the Premier will be instructed by union bosses who will be in her Cabinet. Come on voters, make your vote count, Qld taxpayers don't need unelected Labor union heavyweights running our state. We need a change of leadership.



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