PAY BACK: Should former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce pay back his wages?
PAY BACK: Should former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce pay back his wages? Nev Madsen

LETTERS: Should Barnaby pay back his wages?

Pay back the money

HAVING heard the High Court's decision about Barnaby Joyce I would like to ask a question.

Seeing as it's been proven these people have been holding their position and are not eligible for their positions, does this mean they pay back all the salaries and perks they have run up in the positions they had no right to hold?

I would love to have a legitimate answer to this question.


Bundaberg West.

Confusion Reigns

FIRST we have Barnaby Joyce, National Party, as a dual citizen of New Zealand.

Now Stephen Bennett, LNP, purports in his latest pre-election propaganda that he's the dual MP for Bundaberg and Burnett.

Time they worked out just who they represent other than self interest.


North Bundaberg

Political stunt

ANOTHER day, another pre-election energy stunt from a Labor Government desperate to cling to power.

This week we saw Labor's failed member for Bundaberg and her Energy Minister fly into town on their expensive taxpayer-funded private plane to announce a policy that is nothing more than a con job.

All Leanne Donaldson is interested in is buying herself an election and this latest stunt proves it.

Clearly they are too clueless to genuinely reform our electricity market.

Leanne Donaldson and her Labor Party's only legacy after almost three years in office is to deliberately slug Queenslanders on their power bills to pay for this Government's financial incompetence.

Under Annastacia Palaszczuk's measly 96 cents a week rebate, your power bill will still go up and you will have to pay more taxes to pay off ballooning state debt which is now forecase to hit $81 billion by 2020.

The choice at the next election could not be clearer - vote for the LNP's real plan to introduce real long-term reform to bring power prices down or vote for Labor's electricity con job where they take with one hand and give you back crumbs with the other.


Member for Burnett

Apology response

R HENDERSON, the request for IWC/myself to make an apology is based on your highlighting of just two words within my previous letter.

Your interpretation is therefore distorted and I would make the following points:

1. IWC is apolitical, and works with any politician who has the true interests of our community at heart.

Unfortunately, Leanne Donaldson has not demonstrated any support for the community-driven, community-centric work delivered by IWC - the opposite, in point of fact.

She flatly refused to support the IWC's efforts to gain funding for Stage 2 of the IWC Health & Wellbeing Centre, which will bring hundreds of local jobs and a vital expansion of health and medical services for all in our region.

How more out of step could she be with our community's needs?

I will mention, for the record, that IWC required Government funding for only 38% of the total cost of the $19.8 million Stage 2 project - the other 62% is being provided by ourselves, as a robust community business model that has to date delivered 138 jobs into our region.

2. IWC is very mindful of where and how all monies (including part-portions of government funding provided through taxpayer contributions) are utilised.

IWC's hard work, focus on robust business practices and ongoing community commitment pay high dividends.

3. In relation to R Henderson's accusation of IWC being strongly LNP, I do understand that there are people who have a blinkered view of political parties to the point that a party (Labor, LNP, One Nation, Greens, etc) can either do no wrong or do no right.

IWC does not subscribe to this view and urges all members of our community to keep our politicians honest and accountable, and to act as the servants of the people they have been elected to be.

4. Regardless of political creed, race, colour, age, gender, education and background, IWC is here for everyone.


It would be nice to think that all of our politicians took the same approach and offered a level playing field across the community, without playing "mates games", when using their political influence at federal or state level to win funds for vital projects. It is the least we should expect.

5. I personally am neither a party stooge nor a political bunny caught in headlights.

I expect politicians to uphold and represent the most worthy and evidence-based interests of our community.

They should have strong principles and leadership in which we can have faith.

I hope this clarifies your inaccurate comments for the readership.


General Manager IWC Ltd

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