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Pauline Hanson DAN PELED

LETTER: What's the message behind Hanson vote?

THE UK Brexit vote, the rise and rise of Donald Trump and the resurrection of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party are significant and formidable warnings to the political establishment in western nations.

The madding crowd is concerned about border and personal security.

Political correctness has overridden common-sense governance.

Fear of offending certain demographics, refusing to integrate with their host nations, has created division and scepticism among the populace.

Politicians are out of touch with the fears and apprehensions of their constituents concerned how the influx has changed the dynamics of democracy, giving rights to immigrants who don't reciprocate the same privilege and tolerance to their neighbours. The status quo is in jeopardy.

The bell has tolled and been ignored too long. Is it too late?

In the light of the political and secular unrest in Middle Eastern, sub-Sahara and Asian nations, many citizens in the west are fearful that imported age-old sectarian conflicts will be played out in their western nations, which allow immigrants citizen status without appropriating the culture and language of their hosts.

This sets a dangerous precedent for national security.

Political instability is played out in our communities and streets, where foreigners appropriate the rights of citizens, bestowed freely by the hierarchy, without adopting the ideologies and practices which made western nations an attractive and secure haven.

They live in closed communities, representing their old ways, remaining dangerously and threateningly juxtaposed with their hosts.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls; for it tolls for all those who have opened their national borders, allowing the influx of those who march to a different drumbeat, to enter with impunity. They are already among us.

The swing against the political establishment in our recent election, sends politicians and the do-gooders a clear and unmistaken message from the people they have ignored! They will pay the price.

E ROWE, Marcoola


Bill Shorten is kidding himself

YOU'VE got to hand it to major party pollies, they can pretend a train wreck is a great victory!

I saw Bill Shorten telling Malcolm Turnbull that he should resign - all while he's acting like the lowest primary vote in a century to Labor is an outstanding outcome.

Talk about self delusion!

If Mr Shorten really believes he's done well, then he's the master of self delusion. He'd probably think we'd believe it too.

Sorry Bill, we're not that stupid.

FRANK BROWN Richmond, Qld

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