LETTER: Rising power cost evidence Labor has lost control

THE reaction to my letter on Queensland power prices is not surprising.

The supporters of the Labor Government refuse to accept the fact that their party polices are responsible for the desperate state of Queensland's finances.

The debt was 60 billion dollars when Anna Bligh left.

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And the Palaszczuk Government has continued with that failed polices of spend and, borrow and has driven us further in to debt to the sum of 74 billion.

The blatant price gouging of power cost is evidence that they have lost control.

Consider the unnecessary employment of 14,000 new public servants that exacerbates the debt but omitted to employ any train drivers to man the new rail service.

Who do you think is to blame for rising electricity prices?

This poll ended on 08 August 2017.

Current Results

The Labor party.


The LNP.


The electricity companies.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

The destruction of the Maryborough economy by having our trains built in India for the next 30 years.

All the closed businesses in town are the direct result of that and now we have our cane farmers unable to afford to irrigate because they can't afford the power - a direct result of the blatant price gouging of our government.

If there was any doubt that our State Government has lost the plot the charging stations for electric cars confirms it.

Spending $3 million of borrowed money wasted to cater to the wealthy green supporters in Brisbane.

While so many low income families struggle to pay their power bill.

I could be wrong but I can't see too many of them spending $65,000 plus on an electric car to benefit from a year of free travel.

- Owen Bradbury, Maryborough

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