Kitten thrown into city traffic from moving car

A MOTORIST was disgusted by a brutal act of animal cruelty in which a kitten was thrown from a vehicle at traffic lights in Toowoomba.

The motorcycle rider was at the intersection of James and Pechey Sts when he witnessed the cruel act.

"I was waiting to turn right on to James St and when the lights turned green (a passenger in the vehicle) threw the young kitten out of the window and drove off," they said.


The motorcyclist estimates the kitten was no more than eight weeks old.

"(It) was hit by the traffic - it wasn't killed but was seriously hurt," they said.

"With the help of the young truck driver behind me we picked it up and headed straight to Herriot House Veterinary Surgery, but I'm afraid to say the poor little thing died on the way to the vets.

"How can people be so mean?"

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