These are a few of my least favourite things

Man of the moment ... Semi Radradra celebrates with teammates. Photo: AAP Image.
Man of the moment ... Semi Radradra celebrates with teammates. Photo: AAP Image.

REGULAR readers of this column should be in no doubt as to my passion for rugby league.

Lucky enough to have earned a living from the greatest game of all since 1980, I am not too embarrassed to say I love my footy.

But, my love is not blind.

There are things about the game I don't like, and some I actually loathe.

For want of a more suitable terminology, I will call them my pet hates - those things that annoy me most times I watch a game.

My most irksome are listed below:

Third defender into a tackle, aiming at the lower legs, is a gutless act.

A rule needs to be introduced where the third man is banned from tackling below the waist.

Third defender into a tackle grabbing one leg, and lifting it.

In this situation, once a leg is lifted it should be an immediate penalty.

Commentators saying the 'try line'.

The correct terminology is goal line (e.g. goal line drop out, goal posts).

And while I'm being pedantic, other common misnomers are field goal (should be drop goal), dummy half (acting half), sideline (touchline) and linesman (touch judge)

Two markers.

Generally they are never square.

Get rid of the second marker and a host of the penalties will vanish from the game.

Ref cam.

With all games now telecast in high definition, viewers should not be subjected to that quality rubbish.

Concussion assessment. This 15-minute evaluation is patently being used by some clubs as a pseudo interchange. Clubs abusing the system should be fined and penalised an interchange.

Defenders running blocks on kick chasers.

Almost every time a bomb is launched a defender will change direction to deliberately block the path of a chaser, and match officials are seemingly turning a blind eye.

Players retrieving possession near their goal line or the touchline - usually from a kick - being gang tackled and 'chaired' backwards or sideways.

While that defence may be effective, it is hardly a fair contest and not in the spirit of the game.

Random calls from the bunker on field-of-play incidents.

Until the bunker is near-faultless in its operation, the officials should rule only on tries.

Semi Radradra being eligible to play for Australia.

He may be residentially qualified, but Semi is no more an Aussie than I am a Fijian.

Players prevented from taking a quick tap after a 40/20 kick.

The quick tap was introduced to reward an astute kick and speed up the game.

It should be taken immediately the referee is in position.

Players deliberately conceding penalties, particularly in their own 20-metre zone, to slow play.

The five-minute sin-bin needs to be reintroduced for this and other so-called minor 'professional' fouls.

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