JAIL SENTENCE: Judge Leanne Clare said the man’s behaviour was “abhorrent”.
JAIL SENTENCE: Judge Leanne Clare said the man’s behaviour was “abhorrent”.

Judge tells man he needs intensive help following DV assault

A YOUNG man has come close to spending time behind bars after assaulting his girlfriend of three months.

The man pleaded guilty to seven domestic violence related offences including common assault, wilful damage and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Crown prosecutor Christopher Cook told the court the offences happened in late 2018.

Mr Cook told the court at the time the complainant was living with the man who she had been in a relationship with for three months.

He said on one occasion the man punched his partner in the back of the head and also slapped her after an argument.

After the altercation, the man said he promised he wouldn't hurt her again.

But it was a promise he didn't keep.

The pair engaged in another argument which resulted in the man smashing his girlfriend's phone screen.

Another argument between the pair happened at one o'clock in the morning when the man didn't like his partner cuddling a blanket.

The fight saw the man grab his partner by the hair before punching her in the mouth.

Mr Cook said the woman told the man to leave her alone and got up to try and leave before being punched in the back.

The court heard the woman was then in a foetal position asking her partner to stop hurting her.

That same day the pair had another argument while the woman was doing their laundry.

After this argument the man put his hands around the woman's neck.

Mr Cook said the woman struggled to breathe and tried to scream for help.

When the man's mother walked in she told him to get out and the police were called.

Mr Cook said the man had committed the offences while he was on probation.

He said the man admitted to the police he harmed the woman.

The man's barrister Callan Cassidy told the court his client had difficulty controlling his anger.

Mr Cassidy said his client's mother said he and his partner engaged in excessive and constant arguing.

He said the man gave detailed admissions to police during a lengthy interview and was remorseful for his actions.

Judge Leanne Clare described the man's offending as "abhorrent".

Judge Clare said the safety of the community was important.

"You need intensive treatment, it's because of the gap between your offending you'll be serving jail in the form of an intensive correction order," she said.

The man was sentenced to a head sentence of 12 months' imprisonment to be served as an intensive correction order.

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