My Kitchen Rules contestants Jane and Emma.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Jane and Emma. Channel 7

Jane and Emma back British lads to win MKR

MY KITCHEN Rules' latest eliminated contestants Jane and Emma hope Will and Steve win the show.

The Melbourne flat mates are breaking state ties to back Sydney-based Brits, who are one of just five teams left competing for the reality cooking show's $250,000 grand prize.

Jane and Emma were eliminated last night after losing a cook-off against Perth "spice queens" Eva and Debra.

Emma and Steve's flirting during the first instant restaurant round sent the rumour mill into overdrive. But the two amateur cooks have always denied ever dating.

"We are just really good mates," Emma told APN.

"We definitely flirted at the start, but that probably just made us become good friends. It's a weird thing; Will and Steve are like brothers to us now. I can't think of ever going there. It would be like making out with your brother."

Despite plating up one of the prettiest dishes in this year's competition, a sweet potato pie, Jane and Emma couldn't beat Eva and Debra's braised ox tail.

"We went into that cook just wanting to be proud of what we put out," Emma said.

Corporate lawyer Jane and advertising executive Emma are both eyeing off futures in the food industry, although they don't plan on opening a restaurant.

"We both realised through the show that cooking for big groups of people isn't what we want to do," Emma said.

"Something behind the scenes, like recipe development or food styling, might be more down our alley. Also for me there may be an opportunity to combine advertising and marketing with food. We're open to anything that comes our way."

The ultimate instant restaurant round starts tonight on Channel 7.

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