Issac Martin is attempting to break a world record by eating 3.6kg of beef patties in a burger. Photo Contributed
Issac Martin is attempting to break a world record by eating 3.6kg of beef patties in a burger. Photo Contributed Contributed

Man vs Food: Issac has taste for burger king title

A LAIDLEY man will attempt to consume 3.6kg of beef patties in a bid to beat the world burger eating record.

At 180cm high and 80kg, he's an average build, but can eat like a horse.

Issac Martin, 24, says he has a talent for eating and will try to eat 20, 180g beef patties with cheese and tomato sauce on a giant burger.

He puts his ability down to having an abnormally large stomach along with grit and self-will.

"It's like a marathon. You get to the stage when you think you're full, but you just have to keep eating," he said.

Eating challenges have always been a personal hobby and his appetite for eating only grew stronger after watching the hit TV show Man vs. Food.

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"Everyone has a talent. Some are good at music and sports, I'm good at eating and I want to make the most of it," he said.

"I like success and as a result I'm more willing to make myself physically uncomfortable when it comes to eating than other people."

Mr Martin will train for the event by stretching his stomach.

In the lead up to the challenge, he will eat a normal diet but 12 hours before the event he will stop eating.

"Essentially you want to stretch and fill your stomach with something high in water, then get it out of your system so you have a big stomach plus you're hungry."

He usually has a cucumber on hand to use as a palate cleanser.

"Carbonated beverages like coke and lemonade help too," he said.

Mr Martin is aware there could be some backlash to his attempt.

"I know there'll be haters out there, but I hope to have the support of the Lockyer Valley and Toowoomba. Wish me luck."

Mr Martin is certain his attempt will break the Australian record for eating beef patties, but is waiting for verification from Guinness World Records.

He said the previous record was 15 patties at 180g each where the man had one hour to eat 2.7kg of meat.

His attempt will take place at Café 51, in South Melbourne on May 9 from 2pm.

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