Internet scammers try to trick Toowoomba residents

IT'S being called the internet scam and shameless fraudsters are trying to fool Toowoomba residents out of their hard-earned cash.

Numerous residents have reported cold calls, with scammers attempting to convince residents to change their internet provider - all in an attempt to get their banking details.

This despite many of the residents not having any internet connection at all.

Brooke Anne was targeted by the scammers.

"They just called my landline claiming they would give me $20-a-month discount on my current internet services if I switched to direct debit," she said.

"I just needed to give her my bank details, but I don't have internet at home."

Scammers are known to be extremely persistent and this one was no different.

"She continued to try and tell me I have internet connected to my home computer," Ms Anne said.

"I told her I didn't have one and she replied 'no, on your iPad'.

"I again told her I didn't have one. By this time I was laughing.

"I walked out of the kids' earshot so I could tell her to get a real job that doesn't involve screwing people out of money."

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Ms Anne said the same thing had happened to others in Toowoomba.

Gail Lipke said she had heard of the same thing happening to an acquaintance.

"The person tried all manners of ways to get him to give his details despite him saying time and time again, 'I don't have internet'.

"The person insisted so he asked them to them their mailing address."

The conversation ended soon afterwards.

Shannon Popp said scammers also attempted to convince people that their computer had a virus, and that the only way to fix it was to give them remote access to their computer.

Consumer group Scamwatch said Australians lost over $229 million to scams last year.

"We are encouraging older Australians to wise up and watch out for scams that target them so they don't have their hard-earned savings stolen," ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

Investment, dating and romance scams resulted in the largest financial losses. 

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