Melanie Calvert.
Melanie Calvert.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Celebrating Pinaroo CEO Melanie Calvert

Roma's Pinaroo nursing home has consistently been the gold standard for it's work in caring for the livelihoods of over 70 elderly residents, including Australia's oldest man Dexter Kruger, and behind all that work is a woman - Melanie Calvert.

Mrs Calvert has been a registered nurse for over twenty years, trained in London and took over the position as chief executive officer from Ian Murphy in 2019.

Just months after taking over the position, Mrs Calvert was awarded one of the most prestigious awards in the region - the Jim Baker medal at the Maranoa Business Awards and said it didn't just recognise the work she's done, but all the staff at the aged care facility.

Mrs Calvert said March 8, International Women's Day is a time to reflect how far women have come.

"It's a time to be thankful to live in this era and this country with freedom and equality," Mrs Calvert said.

She said she understands there is still a considerable way to go in regards to women's rights, but for her industry predominantly being female-orientated, she said when she looks at management in nursing, women have climbed that ladder with their nursing background.

"Women typically have that emotional intelligence and ability to be empathetic and have understanding, so in business being vulnerable can be looked upon as a strength, not a weakness," Ms Calvert said.

"That's an important part when operating a business and working with people."

Mrs Calvert thanked for her mother for teaching her to be empathetic and caring, saying it's probably the reason why she is where she is today.

She said she's very close to her mother, despite her living in Northern Ireland.

"She always made sure I stayed true to myself and followed my dreams," she said.

"She's empathetic and kind, so I think I picked that up, she always told me to respect others and always respect others and rise above comments that put you down."

Ms Calvert said there is no limit to what women can do, "as women we should build each other up and support one another and inspire our daughters to the same".

"Believe in yourself and have confidence and if willing to work hard, can be whatever you want to be."

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