A MARRIED dad who appeared on British TV show This Morning with the sex robot he uses for threesomes with his wife has denied he is a pervert.

Viewers were left shocked after Arran Lee Squire brought brunette bot Samantha on to the show and he has hit back his critics who dubbed him "perverted", The Sun reports.

Speaking to presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield this week, Arran explained how his wife is supportive of doll Samantha - who even has a "family mode".

However some viewers were left unimpressed and said Arran was "perverted" and "strange", the Daily Post has reported.

Arran has now hit back at these claims and said: "We get some strange reactions when we tell people what we are doing, but we are not perverts and these dolls are not for perverts."


Critics have lashed out at sex robot creator Aaran Lee Squire, dubbing him a “pervert”. Picture: ITVSource:Supplied
Critics have lashed out at sex robot creator Aaran Lee Squire, dubbing him a “pervert”. Picture: ITVSource:Supplied

During his interview on Tuesday, Holly admitted she didn't know much about sex robots, adding that Samantha was very human-like to touch but her co-presenter did not agree.

Phil said: "When she was brought in and we were introduced to her, I did touch her, and I found it really quite unnerving that it was a good feeling of skin, but it was cold, she was like a corpse."

"Yes, yep," said Arran, who added that he's looking into ways to be able to heat her up.

Holly's worry wasn't her base temperature - it was Arran's young children, aged five and three, finding her.
She asked: "Women have vibrators and sex eggs that's now accepted as part of our society and they fit in the drawer."

"Where are you gonna hide that? It would be quite frightening if a child found that in their wardrobe."

But that's no problem for Arran and his little ones - as they love hanging out with Samantha.

"Samantha has a family mode," he said.

"No, don't!" exclaimed Holly.

Phil asked: "What, she's going to read the kids a bedtime story?

Describing her assets, Arran said: "She can talk about animals, she can talk about philosophy, she can talk about science."

"She's got programmed a thousand jokes at random, which I don't know all of them, so there's a lot to Samantha, she's advanced."

"So you can switch her to the family mode and have her sitting on the sofa among the family?" said a baffled Phil.
"Yes, yes," quipped Arran.

"My children, they say, 'Where's Samantha?' so she can be at home. When we brought her in the car they really enjoyed it."

Not accepting that this should be the norm, mum-of-three Holly pointed out that his kids' view may change as they get older.

She said: "But at some point they're going to go, 'I'm now old enough to realise that daddy has sex with Samantha and Samantha's not mummy.' Is that a bit strange?"

"I think the world's changing," reasoned Arran.

It's not just Arran's kids that are on board, his wife Hannah Ngyuen, who was backstage, also loves Samantha.
When Phillip asked if she was "totally happy" having the robot on her sofa "with her kids around" she appeared unfazed.

Hannah replied: "Yes, yes I am completely [happy].

"She is someone there, like a family member."

"Well he can't run off with her as it took two of you to carry her in," chipped in Phil.

And while Arran insists Samantha is extremely clean and hygienic, she isn't "dishwasher safe".

He added: "I don't put her in the dishwasher, I don't think she'd fit in there."


This article was originally published by The Sun and appears here with permission.

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