Police generic, crime scene.
Police generic, crime scene.

‘I’m in the s**t aren’t I?’: Chilling evidence in death trial

A NURSE who was just two weeks into a stint working in a Cape York community has told of sitting with a man who had allegedly killed his partner for several hours until police arrived.

Robyn Taylor was called to the Mapoon house shared by Soan Koko, 40 and his young partner Bonita Claudie, 22, on October 12, 2018, and found Claudie's body on the bathroom floor.

Despite knowing Claudie was dead, Ms Taylor told the Supreme Court in Cairns on Tuesday that she performed CPR on her at the desperate request of onlookers, which included­ Mr Koko.


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He has pleaded guilty to her manslaughter but has denied murdering her.

Ms Taylor said she told a group gathered in the bathroom it was "hopeless" before ushering the men outside the house and locking herself inside­ with Mr Koko and ­another health worker as unrest grew.

"I think everyone knew she was long gone, but it was just a matter of getting everyone to accept it," she said.

" (Mr Koko) was saying, 'this is not me', 'I didn't do it'.

"He looked shocked and desperate. He was saying: "I can't do jail time, I'll kill ­myself, I'll shoot myself.' "

Police have alleged Mr Koko repeatedly assaulted Claudie, including slamming her head against his car dashboard, in the hours leading up to her death.

Ms Taylor said he told her the couple had a "punch-on" after an argument. "He asked me: 'I'm in the shit, aren't I?' I said: 'Yes, you're in the shit.' (He said:) 'At least someone is telling me the truth.' "

The trial will continue on ­Wednesday.

Originally published as 'I'm in the s**t aren't I?': Chilling evidence in FNQ murder trial

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