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“I’ll spray your face against the wall,” threat in assault

PLIERS in hand, raised and ready to wield he screamed "I'll spray your face against the wall."

Jacob Healy, age 26, fronted Rockhampton District Court on Friday convicted of three counts of common assault and one assault occasioning bodily harm to which he pleaded guilty.

Crown Prosecutor Ryder Reid told the courtroom of the four charges spanning from November 2014, to March 2015.

"On November 5, Healy spat in the plaintiff's face for not having done the washing before he pushed her head into the ground and threw a pedestal fan at her head," Ryder told the court.

"Early on March 23, Healy pushed the chairs on a table towards her head. Later that same day, he swung his arms at her head with keys in his hand and before repeatedly hitting her.

"Then six days later he approached the sleeping plaintiff at about 7am, saying "You stupid c**t, where are my pillows?" Before laying on top of her and hitting her with his elbows. Then threatening her with plyers and slamming her head into a wall.

"The complainant no longer feels safe and has significant psychological effects from it."

Mr Reid voiced his concerns of Healy's relevant criminal history and said he was "noted for fighting in public places."

Supported by his mother and father in court, the Yeppoon spray painter has been in jail since November 27, 2015 and admits to the heavy use of methamphetamine. He had previously spent seven months in jail.

Once released, he intends to reside with his parents who are committed to helping him with his rehabilitation.

Judge Paul Smith wished to both punish Healy and protect the community.

"It seems to me that your problem is use of drugs and anger management problems. You need to do something about these or you will get longer and longer sentences," Judge Smith told the court.

"Get counselling, get your mental health problems sorted. If you want to be selfish and use again you will be back here.

"Your problem is drugs and you will have to work at that. Jail has seen you reflect on your life.

"Now grow up and get a job, you have people around you supporting you."

Judge Smith served up three six months sentences and one 12-month sentence, each served concurrently.

He will be eligible for parole on October 21, 2016.

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