Lydia's own phone led to the demise of her marriage. Picture: iStock
Lydia's own phone led to the demise of her marriage. Picture: iStock

Find My iPhone exposes dirty secret

It was five years into my marriage and neither of us was happy.

My cousin told me my husband, Harry, had told him that he was "over me" and didn't think we were going to last.

That was hard to hear but I think it was fate - that I was meant to know that he wasn't fully invested in our relationship.

I wasn't in a position to leave him as I'd lost my job at the beginning of last year and was just starting a new casual job - that's where I met Liam.

He was a few years younger than me, totally gorgeous and we had incredible chemistry together.


He was kind and loving, very affectionate, always told me I was beautiful and had a real interest in my life and my thoughts. It was so refreshing.

It wasn't long before we'd spend our lunch breaks together and then, one day, we went out for a couple of drinks and ended up at his house.

I didn't feel great about cheating on Harry but I managed to justify it in my head by telling myself that my marriage probably wasn't going to last anyway - not if Harry was telling a family member that he wasn't happy.


In that first week of sleeping together I think we had sex twice a day.

I didn't have a plan, but I thought that I should do the right thing and, if Liam and I got more serious, end my marriage in a couple of months or so.

Liam told me he was falling in love with me and he wanted me for himself, just the words I wanted to hear.

At home, things were just as normal. Harry would get home, give me a hug and we'd have dinner together. We very rarely had sex anymore.

It wasn't as though we hated each other, we were really more mates than lovers. It just wasn't an ideal marriage. Anytime I was with him, I thought about Liam and I was just counting the hours until I could be with him again.


It was a Friday and Liam and I had plans to have lunch together but, as usual, we ended up at his place. We went straight to his bedroom and I was taking my clothes off when there was a knock at the door.

Liam said that his brother, who lived with him, must have forgotten his key. Liam was only wearing his underwear at that point. He answered the door and that's when I heard my husband's voice. "Is Lydia here?" he asked.

I just froze. Then I heard him say, "Yeah, she's here."

Harry sounded very calm, asking to see me. There was no way I could see him though, I just couldn't. It was just too humiliating. And yes, I realise it was much more humiliating for Harry.

Liam came into the bedroom and asked, "What do you want me to do?" I asked him to tell Harry I'd meet him at home.


It turned out he'd known for a while that I'd been having an affair. He'd been tracking texts via an app on my phone. He was also using Find My iPhone to track me down at Liam's house as he'd originally bought my phone and set it up for me.

I had no idea he was suspicious that I was having an affair. If I thought he'd been worried about it I would have been more alert and changed passwords but I'd convinced myself that I was being so discreet there was no way he would know what I was up to.


I should have ended it amicably but, because Harry busted me at Liam's house, he got quite nasty. He tried to get the majority of our house for himself and he refused to let me have any of his shares.

My biggest regrets? Being so dishonest in the first place and also not being aware that it was so easy for Harry to track me down.

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