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Homeless drug addicted Rocky mum turns life around

SHE was raped at the age of 14 and now has an eight-year-old child as a result. But she never dealt with the psychological impacts of that sexual assault and ended up a drug addict living on the streets.

The now 24-year-old pleaded guilty to 15 petty crime offences committed from June to October 2017 in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court last week.

Her defence lawyer Rowan King said in November, her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she had since turned her life around.

The young woman was convicted for stealing electronics, perfume, coins and power tools; along with possession of drugs and utensils, trespass and squatting.

"The most serious offence was when she was in possession of 15g of cannabis," Mr King said.

Mr King said at the time of the offences, his client was self-medicating using dangerous drugs to deal with the trauma of her past.

He said she had a fallout with her family in April and was living on the streets, stealing things to pay for food and other items.

Mr King said as a result, the Department of Child Safety took her child out of her care and placed the child with its grandmother and aunt.

After her 55-year-old mother's terminal cancer diagnosis, the woman moved back home and has not been in trouble with the law since.

Mr King said she had started courses in hospitality and retail, but as her mother's health deteriorated, she has had to put her studies on hold and care for her mother.

"Your mother right now needs you," Magistrate Jeff Clarke said.

"She needs you to obey the law.

"She needs you to get away from those grubby people you've been dealing with."

He pointed to her living in abandon houses during this offending period, lecturing her to not go down that destructive path again.

Mr Clarke ordered a four-month prison term head sentence, operational for 12 months, along with restitution $969.37.

"You've managed to stay out of trouble now for two months... coming up on three months," he said.

"Stay out of trouble. You can do it."

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