DIY: Holiday-inspired serving platter

GOODBYE 2015, hello 2016. Happy new year.

What a year it was - 14 weeks of The Block Triple Threat and six weeks of Reno Rumble.

Looking back it was probably the busiest, hardest year but with amazing results.

This year's resolution is to finally start building our house and definitely spend more time with the kids.

We still are in Western Australia and will make the drive back on the Wednesday. Nothing like a six-day car trip to bring the family closer.

This has been the best family holiday we have been on and we didn't even have to leave the country.

We are in the Margaret River wine region at the moment and after a couple of grape cocktails I started thinking about the surroundings. Wine barrels.

They are so rich in character that I thought I would try to make something out of one or really a piece of one.

I asked the owner of the winery if she had any old barrels or, better yet, some broken ones. Sure enough we went round the back and there were a couple of old broken barrels.

There were a few straight pieces and my first thought was a chopping board. The old oak timber deserved more than just a chopping board, though, so I grabbed a curved piece and a serving platter came straight to mind.

It's pretty basic this week seeing as I only bought some essential tools over with us, but here we go.

The underside of Ayden’s serving platter made from a wine barrel.
The underside of Ayden’s serving platter made from a wine barrel. Photo Contributed

How to make a serving platter

Step 1: Cut

Using a circular saw or jigsaw straighten all four sides up to make a rectangle type shape. On the straighter edges cut off at least 30mm these pieces will make the stands in step two. Make sure you hold the jigsaw at a 90 degree angle with face of the material and don't fight the curve. Gently follow the curve with the jigsaw so it doesn't vibrate.

Step 2: Shape the stand

Using your jigsaw cut the two long straighter pieces to a length which is 50mm shorter than the width of your chopping board. Now using a pencil hold the each stand at either end and trace the curve onto the face of the stand piece. Using your jigsaw cut the curve out of the stand.

Step 3: Assemble

Turn the platter over and attach the stands using 30mm stainless steel screws, use a 2.5mm drill bit and a drill to pre drill the holes for the screws. I put the stands about 150mm from either end. Make sure the screw head is under the face of the timber by about 3mm.

Step 4: Level

Turn the platter on its stands and see if its level, if it's not use a planer to straighten the bottom of the stands this will make it more stable.

Step 5: Sand and polish

Give the whole thing a sand using 240 grit sand paper. I applied some vegetable oil to mine to bring out the rawness of the timber and you can still see where the wine has stained the inside of the barrel. To do this simply wipe on some vegetable oil with a rag and wipe off with a clean rag. You will need to do this every year. Jess was amazed by the result. Materials

  • An off cut of a wine barrel
  • 30mm stainless steel screws
  • Vegetable oil
  • Tools
  • Jigsaw
  • Planer (electric or hand) drill
  • 2.5mm drill bit
  • 240 grit sand paper

Ayden and Jess Hogan were on The Block Triple Threat and won Reno Rumble this year. Follow them as they build their dream home on Facebook:

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