MY SAY: Here’s a theory: your conspiracies are total rubbish

DO YOU know what's interesting?

Conspiracy theories.

But do you know what's even more interesting?

Conspiracy theorists.

You'll find them lurking at the bottom of the comments section on Facebook with their caps lock keys permanently engaged.

Furiously typing in chatrooms in the deep depths of the web.

That weird guy you meet at the bar who was alright until he started talking about chemtrails.

Whatever theory they're espousing, conspiracy theorists refuse to go away, and with the help of the internet, their voices are only getting louder.

Take your pick of topic. The white trails left in the sky by aircraft aren't merely condensation, but are in fact chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere to indoctrinate the population. Barack Obama is a secret Muslim who wasn't born in the United States. Elvis/Princess Diana/JFK/Harold Holt didn't die.

I am deeply fascinated at the psychology behind why so many people believe in conspiracy theories.

I believe these kind of views begin because at the core of human nature we have a deep desire for the world around us to make some kind of logical sense.

We're desperate to find a conclusive explanation to things which instead remain frustratingly inexplicable.

We don't like what the government is telling us. Or the media. Or our doctors.

I am a strong sceptic of anything even vaguely resembling a conspiracy theory.

The sad reality is we are fickle human beings and life is often complicated, messy and inexplicable.

It may seem shockingly boring, but on the whole I think our politicians are motivated largely by a belief (misplaced or not) that they are working for the greater good, rather than reasons of greed or personal interest.

I think our doctors and scientists are generally responsible, well-meaning members of society and not corrupted by big business.

And I think most people are generally good people, and everybody's definitely not laughing at me behind my back.

Like I said, boring, right?

I understand it's a journalist's job to constantly question the status quo.

But there's a difference between being able to read between the doublespeak of politicians and believing they are involved in some kind of grand, secret plot.

There's a difference between having a sense of when you're being lied to and thinking every authority figure can't be trusted.

So, in conclusion, don't get sucked in by conspiracies.

Except for the one about shape-shifting alien reptiles.

Wikipedia says that one's definitely legit.

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