STAGGERING: Court hears of large drug items find.
STAGGERING: Court hears of large drug items find. Michael Doyle

Hefty punishment for 'cowardly' assault

A ROMA man has netted himself a probation order of 18 months and 150 hours of community service after assaulting a man at the Commonwealth Hotel in Roma.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Heather Whiting told the Roma Magistrates Court on Wednesday that on August 25, Dallas Walker, 35, and a co-offender walked past the table of victim, Maverick Fisher before the co-offender intentionally knocked the drink from the victim's hands.

Approximately 10-15 minutes later, Mr Walker then approached the victim, punching him in the chest area.

A scuffle immediately broke out before Mr Walker delivered an uppercut to the victim's face, resulting in a laceration.

Police soon located the offender and transported him to the Roma watch house where he was questioned about the incident.

While being formally charged, the offender revealed the altercation broke out because of a disagreement between his and the victim's father.

In his sentencing, Magistrate James Blanch said he took into account an early guilty plea while also describing Mr Walker as a "thug”, a "bully” and that his actions on the night were nothing but "cowardly”.

"You're 35 years old and you're carrying on like this, grow up,” Mr Blanch told the court.

"If you've got a problem with alcohol, and your history suggests you have, then stay off it.

"The public is sick and tired of idiots like you carrying on like this at hotels.”

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