'Guilty ma'am': Prisoner admits to jail ping pong mayhem

FIERY and violent the prisoner Anton Scott Dupont stood on top of a ping pong table surrounded by specialist police officers called in to deal with his big temper tantrum.

In the process of being brought under control in the chaos Dupont assaulted five of the officers.

Dupont, 42, this week went before an Ipswich Judge in the District Court. He was in handcuffs and flanked by extra security with four police and three Corrective Services officers.

Dupont, grey haired and wearing black glasses, was calm and pleaded guilty to five charges of serious assaults; doing wilful damage; and possession of a prohibited thing.

"Guilty ma'am," he said to the charges put by Crown prosecutor Caitlin Thompson.

Ms Thompson outlined his history of violent offences including an incident where Dupont attempted to run from a court dock before being restrained.

In the charges before Ipswich magistrate Dennis Lynch QC, Ms Thompson said Dupont assaulted five officers inside the Maryborough prison on August 6, 2016.

She said it happened when he became upset when a portable stereo was taken from his cell to be searched.

Dupont filled a tub with boiling water and grabbed a broom stick and swung it around.

Officers retreated, Dupont climbed onto a ping pong table and urinated in the tub.

He threw the tub of boiling water and parts of a broom stick at officers and threatened to kill them.

A police dog bit him on the buttocks.

Security video of the incident was played to the court that showed the mayhem inside the jail, Dupont on the ping pong table, the officers with shields trying to get him to stop his bad behaviour.

Judge Lynch said his reaction to the removal of the stereo led to a stand-off with prison officers and specialist officers were called in.

He said he struck out with the broomstick and various assaults were committed on the group who had blocked things he'd thrown at them.

He noted that Dupont had already served two years and seven months in jail for his last stint and been in custody more than six months on these offences.

Judge Lynch said it was a sad thing that he had been disadvantaged in his early start to life and been brutalised, but if he was to stay out of jail and have a meaningful life he must try and put it to one side.

Dupont was sentenced to 12 months' jail for each of the five assault charges - served concurrent, and given immediate release to parole.

Judge Lynch did not declare the time already spent in custody as time served.

His other offences received convictions only.

Dupont said he'd only been able to receive help for his issues when admitted to a maximum security unit. And had given up on offending.

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