Australia has one of the highest rates of greenhouse gas emissions in the world.
Australia has one of the highest rates of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. File

Australia ranked 17 on world's top polluters list

AUSTRALIA has one of the world's highest rates of greenhouse gas emissions per person.

A report released on Monday lists countries that have been reducing their greenhouse gas emissions per capita rate since 1990.

But Australia is not one of them and has gone in the opposite direction, with a 21% increase in greenhouse gas emissions per person.

The Green Innovation Index: International Edition report shows Australia was behind the United Stated and Russia for emissions per person in 1990 but is now in front of the two countries.

"In 2012 emissions per capita, Saudi Arabia, Australia and the US are among the highest," the report stated.

In a coloured map of the world, Australia has been highlighted in red. Out of 50 countries, Australia was given the scathing rating of 45 for greenhouse gas emissions per capita.

The report also said Australia had one of the highest per capita coal consumption rates, with 6.8 short tons consumed per person in 2012.

This was higher than South Korea, China, 28 countries in the European Union and the United States.

In a ranking of the world's top 20 polluters, Australia was placed at 17.

The report stated the country had a 1% share of global emissions while having 0.3% of the world's population.

The report said the top 20 polluters of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions accounted for more than 80% of worldwide emissions.

More positively, Australia was ranked among the top 20 countries for energy productivity.

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