Maranoa Regional Council
Maranoa Regional Council

Golder calls to end council workshops

MARANOA Mayor Tyson Golder has called for an end to council workshops in order to free up more time to spend within the community.

At the general meeting on Wednesday morning, a motion was brought to the table to review meeting dates for 2018, which included two general meetings and four workshops a month.

Cr Golder spoke against the motion of continuing the council's workshops, as he believed the time would be better spent out in the community.

However the motion was voted in 7-2, with councillor Geoff McMullen and Cr Golder voting against it.

"First of all, this is my personal opinion and not that as the mayor,” Cr Golder said.

"Workshops, a lot of the time, take up a whole day and I would rather spend longer in general meetings.”

"Normally we spend workshops briefing for the meetings but as part of the Local Government Act we are not allowed to make any decisions at a workshop.

"My stance is that we view briefing papers before the meeting and then any questions can be answered during the general meeting days.”

"Some of the best feedback I receive comes from moving around our community,” he said.

Cr Cameron O'Neil said the workshops were important in formulating council's decisions.

"Our general meetings are normally full days and can last from 9am to 5pm,” Cr O'Neil said.

"For us to get across all of the detail it is incredibly important to come to the briefing sessions.”

Cr O'Neil said workshops were common practice across many local governments in the state.

"At the moment we sit a total of six days a month in council chambers,” he said.

"This leaves ample time for us to interact within the community.”

Cr O'Neil said any elected councillor was required to attend general meetings but there was no requirement to attend workshops.

"There is a community expectation that we do everything we can to make the best decisions that we can.”

Councillor Janelle Stanford said the workshops were extremely valuable.

"I try and make every decision being fully informed and the workshops help me do that.”

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