Goats are being heralded by MLA as an ideal way to diversify into new markets.
Goats are being heralded by MLA as an ideal way to diversify into new markets. Allan Reinikka

Goats are the stars at MLA roadshow

A UNIQUE roadshow will make its way to Charleville tomorrow, and it is one for the discerning producers and savvy business people of rural Queensland.

Making its debut here before it goes to any other state, Charleville locals will have the chance to learn about the goat industry from experts in the field.

MLA goat industry technical officer Geoff Niethe and MLA goat industry project manager Julie Petty will feature as faces of the roadshow

They will also be joined by a panel of industry stakeholders including local producers, goat processor Western Meat Exporters, the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Ms Petty said the roadshow has a jam-packed schedule for its day in Charleville, which is only the second stop on the tour, right behind today's visit to Barcaldine.

"We will delve into the practical details of managing goats during the industry expert panel session, and discuss plenty of other topics such as animal health, biosecurity, selection of bucks, profitability and much more.

"Providing goat meat producers with the latest best practice information to help boost on-farm productivity and profitability is vital for the industry to help grow supply and secure its future, she said.

"The Australian goat meat industry was worth over $257 million last year.

"Goat meat production in Australia continues to steadily rise on the back of the export market.

"In 2017, Australian goat meat production reached 31,414 tonnes carcase weight, with 90% of that volume going to export.

"The US remains the key market for boxed goat meat, accounting for 66% of exports by volume in 2017.”

MLA's Goat Roadshow will run from 9.30am to 2.30pm at the Charleville Town Hall; registration is essential and can be completed HERE.

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