Columnist Paul Murray.
Columnist Paul Murray. Robert Edwards

Give real power to the people to change their energy bills

HOW nice of the Prime Minister to give us permission to shop around for a better deal from power companies.

This was the outcome of his second meeting with energy CEOs, who only show up to these dressing downs because they hope the government will give them millions to build wind farms and solar plants in the coming years.

While there may be two million people who might be able to get a better deal by changing providers, there are huge parts of regional Australia that don't have a choice of power companies.

These are the people who need more than a talkfest and a website to fix their surging bills. They need government to force the power companies to use the resources we already have, like coal, or dare one suggest new technology like … nuclear.


The bullies on the YES side of the same sex marriage debate are doing everything they can to lose the postal vote.

This week saw the first TV ad for the NO side and the response was ridiculous. Within hours parody ads were on TV, twitter was full of predictable outrage and newsrooms were frantically hunting down the women who appeared in the ad.

A day later people were openly mocking the appearance of a mother who appeared in the ad and people were digging into the past of an Asian doctor who lent her face to the campaign.

Imagine if this was reversed and the NO people went after the appearance of someone in a YES ad.

For the record, I'm voting YES. But many on the internet, hysterics in the media and the YES campaign itself need to get smart and start convincing people why they should vote yes, not just attack the people who'll vote no.

If the NO case wins, the tactics and behaviour of the YES campaign and some of its most vocal supporters will be to blame.


I know Father's Day is a Hallmark holiday, but it gives us a chance to give a shout out to all types of Dads.

I want to thank my own, Ken, for giving me a strong work ethic and love of country. I want to praise my little brother, Jason, who is the best dad I've ever seen.

And I want to say good on you to the millions of dads who would do anything to protect their family.

At a time when it feels like everyone is taking pot shots at normal blokes, I think we should use this weekend to look around and see the best in the men around us.

We are far from perfect -- that's mum. But bloody hell we try to do the best for our families. Often we fail, sometimes we nail it, but believe me we are always trying.

Even when we are having a little nap on the couch.

**Joining Paul on the program this Monday are Ross Cameron, Janine Perrett and Graham Richardson.

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