OUTRAGED: Robin Bristow is leading a campaign to get Sunshine Coast councils, including Noosa, to support same-sex marriage.
OUTRAGED: Robin Bristow is leading a campaign to get Sunshine Coast councils, including Noosa, to support same-sex marriage. Geoff Potter

Gays warn of backlash if Noosa won't consider equality vote

A PROMINENT gay architect has warned Noosa could lose the valuable pink dollar to its arch rival Byron Bay for refusing to consider a marriage equality vote.

Robin Bristow wrote to Noosa Council last week requesting the council join 35 other local governments across Australia supporting a motion for same-sex marriage.

He was outraged with the response from Noosa mayor Noel Playford and CEO Brett de Chastel.

"At the moment, our focus as a council is on local government issues that we have jurisdiction over - we leave the Commonwealth to focus on their issues and the state to focus on their issues," Mr de Chastel wrote to Mr Bristow.

In response, Mr Bristow promised to up the campaign.

"This is a pathetic attempt of an excuse. This is a slap in the face to all the gay and lesbian residents of Noosa!

"As if we are not an important part of the Noosa community," Mr Bristow wrote back to Mr de Chastel.

"Please be advised we are going to start our national media campaign exposing your bigotry - Mayor Noel Playford did not even have the decency to take my call to explain his position.

"We will be planning demonstrations outside council in the near future so please get ready for the confetti, rainbow chalk and television cameras."

He has already written to many wedding celebrants and businesses in regards to "what it will mean for the economy of Noosa".

"You might already know that Noosa's arch rival Byron Bay has already voted on this matter way back in 2013 and would stand to benefit the most when marriage equality inevitably becomes law in Australia," he said.

"By refusing to deal with this current issue council will be showing itself in a very bad light and putting at risk Noosa's reputation as a welcoming town to all its visitors as well as being damaging to its standing as a premier wedding destination."

The Sunshine Coast Rainbow Network is also writing to the Sunshine Coast Council urging it look into the matter.

Noosa Council declined to comment.

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