'In shock': Woman watches Bruce Hwy head-on collision

UNDER the shade of a gum tree at the Boyne River Rest Area on the Bruce Hwy, Tasmanian caravaner Rosie Wesdijk was settling into a scotch and coke when a garbage truck ploughed into the front of a 4WD towing a caravan.

>>PHOTOS, VIDEO: Cars crash on Bruce Hwy as smoke, fog causes chaos

The accident occurred before 3pm and only metres from the south end of the Turich-Mann Bridge after two trucks failed to see a caravan that was turning right into the rest area.

With the caravan at a stop, Mrs Wesdijk said a B-Double truck slammed on its breaks and locked up "to stop from hitting the caravan".

"It (appeared) to be travelling fast but it did not hit the caravan," she said.

"The garbage truck, which was travelling behind the B-Double, put on his breaks and tried to get around the accident.

"You could hear the sound of the brakes as the garbage truck moved onto the other side of the road to avoid it but it hit the front of (another) car towing the caravan," she said.

AS IT HAPPENED | 'Blood down her chest': Garbage truck, 4WD in head-on collision

The garbage truck had damage to the front of it and ended up on the grass beside the crash.

But a female passenger travelling in the 4WD that had its airbags deployed and the front end crushed on one side was taken to hospital.

Mrs Wesdjik said the woman "had blood coming from her head and blood down her chest".

"She had lacerations and she was in shock," she said.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman said the woman and the garbage truck driver were taken to Gladstone Base Hospital in a stable condition.

The male driver of the 4WD appeared to be in good health, while his dog, a Jack Russell, was being walked by someone staying at the rest area.

The woman walking the dog said his car harness had broken in the crash and although his heart had been racing, was now back to normal.

As fire crews from Boyne Island cleaned up the scene and ambulance paramedics attended to the injured woman, Mrs Wesdjik said two "main roads workers who were cleaning the toilet block (at the rest area) jumped up straight away and got their stop and go signs out and started directing the traffic".

The workers were still directing traffic when the Observer left the scene at 3.30pm.

Fire crews had cleaned up a minor oil leak.

A bit shaken up herself, Mrs Wesdjik said she was going to have another scotch to calm herself down.

"I'm a bit scared to get on the road again," she said.

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