Frightening tomahawk threat in Townsville

A MAN has been charged after threatening a father with a tomahawk in the presence of his wife and children.

About 10.30am today a man was taking his partner and children to visit his mother at an apartment complex on Kern Brothers Drive, Kirwan, when he got involved in a verbal dispute with an "erratic" man.

District Duty Officer Senior Sergeant Joe Matheson said the argument escalated to a stage where a 38-year-old man allegedly produced a small axe and threatened the victim in front of his family.

"He's gone and grabbed the tomahawk and police will allege he threatened the male," Sen-Sgt Matheson said.

"His behaviour was erratic."

Sen-Sgt Matheson said it was concerning that such an incident would take place in the presence of small children.

"Police take offences, where people are arming themselves, very seriously and respond promptly which we did in this instance and arrested the 38-year-old male," he said.

"This is something that could have easily escalated … someone could have been seriously injured or even killed."

Sen-Sgt Matheson said although the alleged offender made numerous threats no one was injured.

The 38-year-old man, who is understood to live at the Kern Brothers Drive apartment complex, was charged with one count of going armed as to cause fear and will be held in custody to front Townsville Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Sen-Sgt Matheson said considering the seriousness of the alleged offence police would strongly oppose bail.

The axe involved in the incident was seized by police.

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