Dayne Pratzky says the idea of the film was to get the conversation started about CSG.
Dayne Pratzky says the idea of the film was to get the conversation started about CSG.

Frackman star gets what he wants with CSG industry response

THE star of anti-coal seam gas film Frackman is thrilled by the industry's attacks on the movie and his campaign to thwart funding to the sector.

Dayne Pratzky said the response from the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association and GasFields Commission showed he was on the right track.

Described as a pig hunter turned accidental activist, Mr Pratzky is urging people concerned about CSG to move their money from banks and superannuation funds investing in the industry.

He is hoping to have $100 million moved by the end of the year.

"I'm not actually giving financial advice, I'm giving ethical and commonsense advice," Mr Pratzky said.

"If (people) don't think it's right, good for them, don't do anything about it."

GasFields Commission chairman John Cotter encouraged people to consider scientific facts from reliable sources before making decisions based on "scare-mongering".

APPEA challenged Frackman's credibility.

Mr Pratzky said the film, which has screened widely, had been very popular and turned many fence-sitters off the industry.

"What this film shows is what happened to me," he said.

"The idea of this film is; let's get this debate happening, but they don't want this conversation because they'll lose."

Mr Pratzky said he was forced out of his home in Tara, Queensland, because of CSG activities.

He said he tried to get CSG organisations involved in the film through interviews and site inspections but was rebuffed.

Mr Pratzky is now looking forward to what anti-CSG protesters are hoping will be Australia's longest roadside demonstration.

Activists will set up placards opposing coal seam gas along the Pacific and Newell highways on April 19.

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