Gladstone Police Station and Court House. February 2017.
Gladstone Police Station and Court House. February 2017. Paul Braven GLA010217_Police_Cou

Foul-mouthed man aggressive with daughter, punches woman in head

A GLADSTONE man who told officers to "get f***ed", "lick his a**" and to "piss off" will now have to regularly report to police as part of the parole sentence he was ordered to serve.

Laurence Michael Broome pleaded guilty in the Gladstone Magistrates Court to 12 charges; the most serious being three counts of wilful damage and two counts of obstructing police officer in performance of their duties.

Broome's most recent offending spree began in April 2016 but carried on until June this year.

On a number of occasions police were called to Gladstone residences for unrelated matters however, found Broome to be intoxicated, abusive or aggressive towards police, causing him to either be arrested or restrained.

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On April 15 police were called to a unit on Butler St where Broome's brother answered the door.

He told police he and his brother had been in an argument and Broome had kicked him.

Police attempted to speak with Broome but he began to walk away.

Officer's told him that he was being detained and was not free to leave; upon asking him to repeat his name Broome responded: "I dunno."

Police then asked Broome to repeat his full first and last name.

Broome's response was "get f***ed".

Police then told Broome that if he failed to provide that information then he could be charged however Broome simple said: f*** you".

The officers asked him one last time, telling him he would be arrested otherwise.

"Just arrest me then" was Broome's response.

In May police were again called to a residence where Broome, his brother and another female friend were located.

The court heard at about 6pm all three were heavily intoxicated and got into a verbal fight.

The fight escalated and Broome punched the woman in her head multiple times. He was locked out of the building however broke down a door and got back inside.

He went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, holding it close to the woman while contiuning the argument.

Broome's brother jumped off a two storey balcony to get away from Broome and called the police.

On another occasion in June, police were called to an address in Gladstone where Broome was in a "heated" argument with his step-daughter.

He was detained however continued to try and approach his step-daughter and 'antagonise' her.

The court heard the pair were being aggressive towards each other and police had to intervene.

Broome was arrested but struggled against police.

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Broome had spent 49 days in custody since his last offence.

He was sentenced to serve one month imprisonment to be released immeditealy on a 12-month parole order.

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