Clowns near the riverbank in Rockhampton.
Clowns near the riverbank in Rockhampton. Facebook

Five ridiculous crazes before creepy clowns

CREEPY clowns continue to frighten Rockhampton residents with two sightings reported overnight.

Two clowns, appearing armed with baseball bats, were spotted on Victoria Parade near Empire Apartment Hotel while another was spotted at the war memorial on Sir Raymond Huish Drive.

Facebook posts circulating overnight indicate a clown was also 'bashed' in Sir Raymond Huish Drive, though that report is yet to be confirmed by police.

As the creepy clown craze sweeps the nation, and the world, we've reflected on some of the other strange fads that have dominated headlines in recent times.

1. Planking

In reflection, this craze was utterly ridiculous and at times, quite dangerous.

Planking, the viral craze of 2010-11 involved people lying down like a plank of wood in odd locations. It was all fun and games until, as usual, some took it too far.

For example, in May, 2011, a 20-year-old Gladstone man plunged to his death after planking on a seventh-floor balcony in Brisbane.


Planking at McDonalds.
Planking at McDonalds. Contributed

2. Nek Nominate

Who could forget the 'neck and nominate' challenge which no doubt caused liver damage across the world in 2014...

Nek Nominate involved a participant filming themselves 'necking' an alcoholic beverage in one sitting and then uploading the footage to the internet. From there, they nominated two others to do the same and those nominate had to complete the challenge within 24 hours.

Five people reportedly died as a result of the challenge.

3. Harlem Shake

In February 2013, social media was taken over by the Harlem Shake.

The Harlem Shake, seemingly harmless, involved a person dancing to 'Harlem Shake' by electronic musician Baauer surrounded by people who are unaware of the dancing individual.

When the bass drops, the video, which lasts about 30 seconds, cuts to an entire crowd dancing convulsively.

On February 10, 2013, the upload rate of Harlem Shake videos reached 4,000 per day, or one every 21.6 seconds.

While the dance itself was harmless, some participants faced consequences for creating 'Harlem Dance' videos in inappropriate or disrespectful locations such as war memorial and underground mine shafts.


4. Lip Plumping Challenge

This craze was downright ridiculous.

The 'Lip Plumping Challenge' involved participants trying to 'plump' their lips by placing an object such as a shot glass over their lips and sucking. The act causes vessel engorgement resulting in swelling.

But if you suck hard enough, the fragile blood vessels around the lip area will break resulting in bruising, bleeding and significant pain.

5. Cinnamon Challenge

Now, this one is just stupid.

The Cinnamon Challenge, which went viral around 2012 and is still going on today, involves a participant attempting to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon powder in 60 seconds without liquids.

The cinnamon coats and dries the mouth and throat, resulting in coughing, gagging, vomiting and inhaling of cinnamon, leading to throat irritation, breathing difficulties, and risk of pneumonia or a collapsed lung.

Sounds like a great way to pass time! And it already has a death count.

Cinnamon-related asphyxia killed an American boy in 2015 and others have spent time in hospital due to the challenge.

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