Brett Peter Cowan
Brett Peter Cowan

Fellow pedophile allegedly threatened Brett Peter Cowan

A CONVICTED child rapist who was once suspected of killing Daniel Morcombe allegedly threatened to attack the boy's actual killer, prison guards and paramedics while jailed.   

Douglas Brian Jackway has spent just three months of his adult life out of jail.

On Monday he appeared in the Brisbane Supreme Court for a judicial review into his indefinite detention.  

The court heard Jackway, 39, allegedly threatened to "get" Daniel Morcombe's killer, Brett Peter Cowan, when the two were both in the same jail.   

Jackway then allegedly threatened he would throw boiling water onto guards, attack any paramedics who came to his aid, and allegedly trashed his cell and falsely claimed he had swallowed a battery.   

After the alleged incidents, he was moved into a different prison.  

Jackway was jailed when he was 18 for raping a 10-year-old boy in Gladstone in 1995.  

He was released for three months in 2003 before he was arrested for other matters.  

He was then jailed for an older rape, and in 2012 placed on an indefinite detention order that is reviewed yearly.  

During Cowan's murder trial, his legal team had argued Jackway could have abducted and killed Daniel Morcombe.  

The court heard Jackway had been attacked in prison over allegations he was involved in Daniel Morcombe's death.  

Barrister Peter Davis, appearing for the Attorney-General, said Mr Jackway should not be released on a supervision order due to his behaviour while in jail.   

But defence lawyer John Allen said Mr Jackway's actions behind bars had been so he would not appear a target in jail.   

Justice Catherine Holmes said Jackway was a "victim of institutionalism" after spending so long behind bars.    But she said Jackway's ongoing behaviour in prison was "disturbing".   

Justice Holmes will deliver her decision at a future date. - ARM NEWSDESK  

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