Jen and Michael Hilcher Photo: Contributed
Jen and Michael Hilcher Photo: Contributed Contributed

Family sticks together to battle through cancer

JENNIFER Hilcher could not have battled the way she did without her strongest support by her side.   

Standing together through their son's cancer diagnosis and Jen's very own battle, husband and wife duo Michael and Jen Hilcher held each other's heads high when times were low.   

After losing their eight year old son, Thomas to a brain tumour, the Rockhampton couple were sure they had experienced their fair share of heartache.   

But in 2006 Jen was diagnosed with lung cancer.   

Michael and Jen's strength and support for one another never wavered throughout the years which were plagued by cancer.   

Jen said everyone gained inner strength when they had to but it was nice to have someone to share the journey with.  "We've been together 40 plus years so I guess you could say we're best friends."   

"Obviously it was 100% support because he (Michael) was there the whole time throughout treatment and even through diagnosis and there and then after."   

"I think even though it was me having the treatment at times it may have been me trying to comfort him that I was going to be alright because men's feelings are a little bit different."   

Jen said even though she acted as a support through her own treatment, Michael was her rock during Thomas's treatment.   

"My son, Thomas was diagnosed with a brain tumour back in 1995 and he passed away…he had surgery, chemo therapy and he had radiation...he was 8 years and 10 months, I was blessed to have him than not have had him at all."   

"He (Michael) was a brick when Thomas was going through treatment because obviously being a child he had to have someone with him 24/7, so it was one or the other, he was a great support then."   

Despite all of their turmoil including Jen's dad passing from lung cancer and her sister passing from breast cancer she said she is not down about it.   

"Life is precious; we just have to keep moving on."   

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