Photo: Eric Engman
Photo: Eric Engman

Support for Goomeri grassy grannie

AN INVALID Goomeri woman, who struggles with pain and immobility appeared in Gympie Magistrates court on Thursday to face charges of possessing a small amount of marijuana and a water pipe.


Here's the original story.


While the matter has been adjourned, the story online attracted a great deal of comment on Facebook.

There were more than 70 comments on the post as of Friday morning, all supporting the position of the former nurse.

Darren Page said,"So sad to put someone through more pain and suffering."

Deb Lynch wanted to know "How much is it costing the 'public purse' to police and prosecute cannabis patients? (ie sick old ladies)."

Sam Gard questioned the use of police resources.

"Surely the police have better things to do? Legalise it, it is a plant," she wrote.

Mary-Ellen Peters thinks the law-makers need to change their focus.

"Continuing to keep cannabis illegal is a business decision, The various states are not concerned with health, they are concerned with revenue," she wrote.

River Raine wrote, "Wonder how much big pharma 'donates' to political parties that keep it illegal? Wonder how much this lady would pay for pharmaceutical medicine if she wasn't allowed to grow plants in her own home?"

Wen Royals was angry there isn't a uniform approach to the legalisation of marijuana.

"You bloody politicians are happy, it's legal in Canberra now. One country, one law, Whatever happened to our beautiful Australia? We are all one. Legalise in all states!".

Josh Buckle questioned the cost of medical marijuana.

"Depending on the place supplying it, it can be up to $1200 a month depending on a person's condition etc. Which is so far out of reach for someone on a pension/retired etc."

Paul Hames said, "It's just a matter of time till it is legalised, Why not just bite the bullet and get it done?"

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