DAMAGE: Vandals have struck over the proposed Hinterland TT race.
DAMAGE: Vandals have struck over the proposed Hinterland TT race. Contributed

"F*** OFF, We will race"- Motorbike race push flares up

UPDATE 1.25pm: "ANYONE who wants this event wouldn't do that."

That's the word from Inside Line Events' David Rollins in response to recent vandalism of hinterland roads.

Two streets in Maleny were painted with "We will race" and "F*** off we will race" on Monday night, as tensions mount between supporters and opponents over a proposed Isle of Man-style TT race that's been put forward by Mr Rollins.

Sunshine Coast Events Board chairman Ralph Devlin said there would be no international motorcycle race on the Coast without safety checks.

Mr Devlin said the board had given Inside Line Events until mid-August to have the safety audits for the proposed 47km hinterland course carried out to complete the proposal.

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He would not pre-empt the board's decision after that deadline expired but said at present there was no race without the safety checks being completed.

Mr Rollins said they were still working through a process with the council but said he didn't expect a supporter of the event to have been responsible for the graffiti.

Mr Rollins said it made no sense for a motorbike racing fan to paint on roads because they "love roads" and love riding on them.

He said he believed there was widespread support within Maleny and the wider Sunshine Coast for the event, despite councillor Jenny McKay declaring she could no longer support the project earlier today.

Mr Rollins said he understood the stress "Jenny McCarthy (sic)" was under and the position she was in, caught between those in favour and those opposed.

Mr Rollins also rejected the idea event organisers had been encouraging riders to go and 'check out' the proposed course, after complaints of a rise in speeding motorcyclists along the route in recent weeks.

Peaceful Roads spokesman Dr Barry Traill said the recent graffiti and increase in "dangerous" road use by motorcyclists was increasing tensions within the community.

"Last weekend... (there was) a lot of definitely highly speeding bikes," Dr Traill said.

"There's a very high degree of opposition from locals and businesses across the board.

"I just can't see the race proceeding... it's just not tenable."

He said residents feared it wouldn't be long before a serious injury or death was suffered by a motorcyclist speeding around the proposed route.

One thing the organiser and Dr Traill agreed upon was the vehemence with which those opposed had shown their dislike of the proposal.


VANDALS have defaced hinterland streets as tensions mount over a proposed Hinterland TT-style race on the Sunshine Coast.

Peaceful Roads spokesman Barry Traill sent images of spray-painted roads in Maleny, with Maleny-Woodford Rd and Centenary Dr both targeted on Monday night.

"F**k off we will race," reads one of the messages sprayed in large letters.

"We will race," reads another, in large, white block letters.

DAMAGE: Vandals have struck over the proposed Hinterland TT race.
DAMAGE: Vandals have struck over the proposed Hinterland TT race. Contributed

Division Five councillor Jenny McKay told the Daily the latest vandalism as well as reports of Maleny businesses being threatened from both supporters and opponents of the proposed Sunshine Coast TT had been the last straw.

She said she could no longer support the proposal, citing a lack of information from proponent David Rollins and his company Inside Line Events about the proposal as well as the community angst currently sweeping through the hinterland community.

"I'm absolutely disgusted," she said of the vandalism, which the council was believed to have cleaned off.

"I've heard from the community, I've had enough and it (proposal) doesn't enjoy my support any longer."

She said the proposal to the Sunshine Coast Events Board had not been properly made and said requests for more information from the proponents had thus far been fruitless.

"I'm very sorry that it's actually come to this," Cr McKay said of the vandalism and reports she'd heard of local businesses being threatened and questioned from people on both sides of the proposal.

Mr Traill also reported there'd been more motorbikes on local roads since the announcement of the proposal.

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