Roma Dachshund Day 2018.
Roma Dachshund Day 2018. Jorja McDonnell

Every dog has its day

DACHSHUND owners of Roma and surrounds converged on Bassett Park this afternoon, for a few hours of pint-size fun with their beloved dogs.

The family-friendly and social event saw dogs of many breeds in attendance, as well as the wiener dogs that are the namesake of Dachshund Day.

Organiser Natalie Golder said the event was a lot of fun for all involved.

"[We put on a Dachshund Day] because we needed one,” she laughed.

"We have a lot of Dachshunds and they all want to party.”

With dogs and humans all on their best behaviour, the main event, the Running of the Wieners, almost went off without a hitch.

Some dogs showed extreme focus in getting to the end of the track, but a select few decided the spectators were much more interesting, soliciting pats mid-race.

Originally intended as a Dachshund-specific day, organiser Amanda Weyman-Jones said they continue the event for the love of their dogs.

"They're the best friends in the world, they truly are.

"They're there for you every second, they love you when you're ugly, when you're angry, or when you've got a terrible outfit on; they love everything about you constantly, and [their companionship] is great for your soul,” she said.

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