'Lack of jobs a reason to leave the EU': Scotsman says

WITH the United Kingdom's shock decision to leave the European Union splitting loyalties in the country we asked husband and wife Doug and Jo Blackhurst what they thought about the decision.

Doug is from Scotland, which overwhelmingly voted to remain, while Jo is from Essex, England.

The two are in charge of Mackay and District Junior Rugby Union.

Although most of Scotland voted to stay, Doug said he thought the decision to leave was the right one.

He said a lack of jobs and a competitive work environment was the main reason to leave the EU.

Like everybody else, including it seems the politicians, Doug said he was still trying to work out what the ramifications would mean for the United Kingdom.

With Scotland bucking the trend in England and Wales voting to stay, the issue of an independent Scotland seems to be back on the table.

Doug agreed and said there would be another referendum on the issue.

He said his parents, who still lived in Scotland, voted to leave the EU, but also voted for independence.

Jo said having lived in Australia for about 20 years it was hard to know what to think of the decision.

"The country though looks fairly divided at the moment," she said.

"I see a lot of people that have voted yes to leave and now they have to justify, which I don't think is really fair," she said.

Despite some reports saying the decision was based around immigrants and race, Jo strongly disagreed.

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