OVER THE MOON: Peter "Fred” Cherry is thrilled for his Olympic gold medallist daughter. Tom Gillespie

Emilee Cherry's dad reveals the motto for success

FRED Cherry remembers the motto his daughter Emilee used to have above her computer when she needed motivation as a teenager.

"It read 'nothing's impossible when there's footprints on the moon',” he said.

Emilee certainly proved that statement last week by helping Australia win the first ever Rugby Sevens Olympic gold medal against New Zealand.

In the process, Cherry became Roma's first ever able-bodied Olympic medallist, and first athlete to compete since Denise Spencer in 1948.

Fred was could not hide his pride for his daughter's achievements, which capped a plan started four years ago to win Olympic gold.

"The girl had a dream and she achieved it - there's no words to describe it for me,” he said.

"It was a big effort for her, because her hamstring was not good and you could tell she was protecting it.

"But she knew she could give it all in defence and that's what she did.”

While Emilee was out pulling down the New Zealand attack on Tuesday morning, Fred sat at home in a state of worry.

"In all my years, across all the games I have played and watched, I've never been so nervous - never had so many jitters,” he said.

Fred reflected on Emilee's childhood, where she idolised fellow Roma league legend Darren Lockyer and always had a football in her hand.

"She had footy posters of Lockyer - there were never any Barbie dolls or girl's stuff, just footy,” he said.

"She always read the game well, but I always thought it would be swimming or athletics (that she'd succeed in).”

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