WELCOME to our live coverage of the 2016 Federal Election for the seat of Maranoa


  • Long lines at Maranoa polling stations all day
  • Drama at Warwick polling caused by stolen car false alarm
  • Warwick's David Littleproud firm favourite to take seat for LNP
  • Eight candidates vying for the seat of Maranoa

LIVE 8.15PM: The LNP's David Littleproud has declared victory in the 2016 Federal Election for the seat of Maranoa.

Mr Littleproud is celebrating with family and supporters in Warwick tonight.

With 27% of the vote counted, Mr Littleproud with 47% holds a commanding lead over Labor's Dave Kerrigan with 19.3% and One Nation's Lynette Keehn with 18.75%.

Mr Littleproud said he was humbled by the result.

"I'm pretty excited and proud the people of Maranoa have entrusted me with the job after 26 years of having Bruce Scott represent them," Mr Littleproud said.

"My job now is to engage with every part of the electorate and I'm going to do my best to get around to all of it.

"I'll be doing my best to represent the people of Maranoa in Canberra, putting their concerns before the parliament and I'll hopefully I'll be a part of a government that can make some changes for the people in this electorate."

The LNP's David Littleproud claims victory in the federal battle for Maranoa.
The LNP's David Littleproud claims victory in the federal battle for Maranoa.

7.45PM: Labor's Dave Kerrigan remains upbeat despite conceding that he has lost the battle of Maranoa to the LNP's David Littleproud.

Mr Kerrigan has secured 19% of the 28,000 votes counted and trails Mr Littleproud who has 46.6%.

He is in a battle for second place with One Nation's Lynette Keehn who has 19.44%.

On a two-candidate preferred basis Mr Littleproud leads with 72.28%.

Mr Kerrigan said despite the result in Maranoa, many voters across the electorate were feeling "very disillusioned with the current government".

Labor's Dave Kerrigan.
Labor's Dave Kerrigan. Barclay White

"At some stage Labor will get back into government, maybe not now, but it's time for (the federal government) to invest in our regions," Mr Kerrigan said.

"We've got great communities out here and we need real investment."

Mr Kerrigan would not rule out again challenging for the federal seat of Maranoa again.

"I think if I get the opportunity to stand again I'll do better next time," he said.


David Littleproud casts his vote at the 2016 Federal Election.
David Littleproud casts his vote at the 2016 Federal Election. Matthew Newton

7.30PM: The LNP's David Littleproud is on track to replace the retiring Bruce Scott as Federal Member for Maranoa.

With about 20,000 votes counted, he has secured 46.25% ahead of One Nation's Lyn Keehn with 20% and  Labor's Dave Kerrigan with 19.15%.

On a two-candidate preferred basis Mr Littleproud leads with 66.6%.

7PM: The LNP's David Littleproud has extended his lead in the Federal Election for the seat of Maranoa with 7330 votes counted.

Mr Littleproud has secured 47.12% of the early count with a swing against him of -10.68%.

Labor's Dave Kerrigan has 20.10% (swing of 2.06%) and Lynette Keehn has secured 18.79% for One Nation.

6.30PM: The first votes have been counted in the fight for Maranoa with the LNP's David Littleproud taking a commanding lead.

Mr Littleproud has more than 50% of votes with Lynette Keehn from One Nation in second with 18%.

The ALP's Dave Kerrigan is third with 15%, with 1056 votes counted.

6PM: Maranoa hopeful David Littleproud now has an anxious wait to see if he'll be elected.

The polls have closed and the counting has started.

Mr Littleproud is back home in Warwick now after very big day on the road.

"I started in Chinchilla this morning, and voted there at 8am," Mr Littleproud said.

"From there we went across to Dalby and then on to Kingaroy and we've been to a lot of all the smaller polling stations inbetween.

"We got back into Warwick around 4pm and I'll spend the last few hours here at each of the stations.

"It's good to be home."

Mr Littleproud said the response had been fairly positive all day.

"We'll have to wait and see how the numbers come in," he said.

"Everyone was nice but people tend to leave their opinions to the ballot box.

"We see what happens soon enough."

Melissa Bellingham, officer-in-charge of the WIRAC Polling station said once the ballots close at 6pm they'll begin counting.

"We'll open the ballot boxes and start to count the House of Representative ballots first with first preferences," she said.

"Then we'll phone those results through to Dalby and begin on the Senate ballot papers.

"Everything has to add up, we're accountable for every single ballot paper that's been issued, so if there are any discrepancies, the process will take a little longer.

"Of course, we're hoping for no discrepancies.

"We're here till we are done, but I'd like to think we'll be all finished by 9pm."

Rowell Walton, KAP Senate candidate and Rodney Hamilton KAP volunteer were thrilled with the way polling day 2016 turned out.
Rowell Walton, KAP Senate candidate and Rodney Hamilton KAP volunteer were thrilled with the way polling day 2016 turned out. Jonno Colfs

"I've enjoyed today tremendously," Mr Walton said.

We've been very well received and the volunteers and all the people walking through have been tremendous.

"It was a lovely warm day and I had a great time.

"And the good thing is, when there's going to be a change as there is in Maranoa, with Mr Scott not staying on, there is always the opportunity for a rethink, which is a good thing."

4PM: Warwick voters have been treated a spectacular day as they head to the polls in the 2016 Federal Election.

Lines have been stretching outside of all polling stations for most of the day.

Country Minded party candidate Luke Arbuckle said he's had a fantastic day.

"There were some cold temperatures earlier, but bright warm sunshine for the rest of the day," Mr Arbuckle said.

"We're only a new party so we're getting our message out there.

"A lot of people have heard of us, a lot of haven't but they're really interested about what we're here for."

Mr Arbuckle, who was formerly an LNP member said Country Minded party started with conversations around kitchen tables.

"I became a bit disillusioned with party politics and joined Country Minded the minute I heard about it," he said.

"We're only a very new party, so it'll be a long slow process to get to everyone.

"It's tough to get the word out in such a large area but being here and talking to the locals really helps."

"We've been here since 8am and serving since about 8.30am," she said.

"We've sold about 290 snags so far, so it's been a great day.

"We would normally have a cake stall, but seeing as it's school holidays at the moment, we just went with a sausage sizzle, which was a little easier to organise.

"Bluebird Coffee van was here this morning as well, and they donated $1 from every coffee sold to the P&C, which was awesome, big thanks to them."

Manning the barbecue at Warwick East School is Brad Kynaston, Madi Balloch and Susan Kynaston
Manning the barbecue at Warwick East School is Brad Kynaston, Madi Balloch and Susan Kynaston Jonno Colfs

Mrs Kynaston said most voters were grabbing a sausage on the way out after voting.

"When the lines were a bit longer this morning, we had a few people come and grab one while they were waiting," she said.

"Everyone has been really lovely, there's been a queue to vote all day and there's been no complaints.

"It's a really lovely day, I think if it were a miserable cloudy and cold day then the mood would be quite different."

Mrs Kynaston said the P&C members had refrained from offering political advice.

"We're definitely party-neutral," she said.

There's just under two and half hours before counting begins, check back here for all the details as they come in.

EARLIER: With just under six hours to go in the Federal Election 2016, crowds are enjoying the bright sunshine and continue to flock to polling stations in Warwick. 

All four stations are experiencing long lines for expectant voters with waiting times up to 20 minutes.

Liberal Candidate Warwick's David Littleproud is a firm favourite to win the seat of Maranoa after incumbent Bruce Scott retired in 2015.

The Sportsbet website places Mr Littleproud at $1.001 to $1 to retain the seat for the Liberal/National Coalition.

Maranoa has long been a National party stronghold and is often touted as the "safest coalition seat in the country".

The electoral division of Maranoa has over 102,000 electors and covers a massive 731,297 km2.

The polls will close at 6pm and counting will begin.

Stay up to date here all day as Federal Election day 2016 rolls on.

EARLIER: FEDERAL Election 2016.

It's finally here, after months of promises, debate and electioneering, it's now up to the people of Australia.

Here's where to cast your vote in Warwick.

1. WIRAC - 29 Palmerin St, Warwick. 

2. Warwick East State School - 45 Fitroy St, Warwick (apparently a good cake stall here)

3. Warwick West State School - 17 George St, Warwick

4. Warwick Blue Care Community Centre - 1 Law Rd, Warwick 

Polls are now open and will stay open until 6pm.

For more information click here

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