OPINION: It angers me when I see drivers using mobiles

TAKING your eyes off the road for just two seconds driving at 60kmh means you are essentially travelling blind for up to 33 metres.

I could not be happier that repeat offenders caught using their mobile phones behind the wheel will face harsher penalties as of this week.

Picking up your phone and texting, taking a photo or video, updating your Facebook status or Snapchatting is pretty much the dumbest thing a person can do when in control of a motor vehicle.

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And it angers me, every single time I see it happen.

It floods my social media feeds. A mum I know posts selfies behind the wheel all the time, often of her young child asleep in the back seat, with the highway clearly reflected in her sunglasses.

Snapchats from another roadtrip-loving friend - photos and videos - where you can tell it hasn't been taken from the passenger seat, drive me nuts.

I decided I'd had enough after one too many roadtrip selfies, and sent her a reply to say "please stop Snapchatting and driving... I love you too much".

The next time I saw her she told me my plea was enough to make her think about just how dangerous it was.

Do you agree with harsher penalties for those who use their phone while driving?

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The thing is, it's not just dangerous for the selfie-taker. It's dangerous for every single other driver and passenger out on the road - one moment of distraction could see innocent lives lost that will change lives forever. Is that one cool roadtrip selfie worth all that?

These new tougher laws will hopefully be a step towards stamping out the stupidity for good.

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