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Doctor calls for ban of Mefloquine in the armed forces

AN AMERICAN expert on the harmful effects of Mefloquine has told the QT that the drug should be banned from use in the armed forces.

Dr Remington Nevin of Baltimore, Maryland, said Mefloquine was extremely dangerous.

The drug has been given the US drug administration's strongest black box safety warning in recognition of the potential neurological and psychological side-effects, while the British Parliament is also considering a ban on Mefloquine.

"Mefloquine is an idiosyncratic neurotoxicant, meaning in some persons, when taken at its regular dose, it can accumulate in brain and cause toxic injury to the central nervous system, leading to lasting and even permanent psychiatric and neurological effects," Dr Nevin said.

"Acute Mefloquine psychosis has been associated with a number of seemingly senseless and impulsive suicides - even many months to years after taking the drug."

Dr Remington, a former army epidemiologist, wrote of the devastating side-effects of the drug in the US in a 2013 article for the Huffington Post, in which he said: "We now recognize, decades too late, that mefloquine is neurotoxic and can cause lasting injury to the brainstem and emotional centers in the limbic system.

"As a result of its toxic effects, the drug is quickly becoming the "Agent Orange" of this generation, linked to a growing list of lasting neurological and psychiatric problems including suicide."


Soldier met with ADF

IN A positive development to come from the McCarthys' fight, Maj Stuart McCarthy did get the opportunity to meet with the Inspector General of the ADF to outline his concerns.

Brian McCarthy said the Inspector General had gone on to interview other ADF personnel who have been affected.

Mr McCarthy is calling on the ADF to release the Inspector General's report. The ADF said the inquiry being conducted by the IGADF was ongoing.

"Completed inquiry reports may be released on a case by case basis by the IGADF, following due consideration of privacy and legal issues."

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