Delivery woman fights back at creepy blackmail attempt

A FEMALE Papa Johns employee in the US has been forced to fight back after a customer sexually harassed and then blackmailed her.

The employee, Tabitha, shamed the customer by sharing screenshots of their conversation on image-sharing site Imgur.

It's been viewed more than 280,000 times.

Tabitha had been forced to call the customer from her personal mobile because he'd originally failed to answer the door for the delivery. 

The next day he sent a text message calling her cute and asked if she'd deliver another pizza personally.


He texted her, saying: "You called my dog cute, but you were more cute though. If I order another pizza can you deliver it?"

She informed him that he was texting her personal number and that if he wanted another pizza he needed to call the store. She then told him not to text her again.

He failed to follow the request and continued texting her, saying he'd give her a good tip.


He then expressed concern that she'd made the delivery during such high winds, still ignoring her request that he not text her again.

"It was hot tho" he said. "I was worried bout u getting back safety (sic)."

Tabitha responded with "Then don't order a pizza when there's a tornado warning next time, you dumb c***."

The customer took the harsh response and threatened to report her. 

He then said he wouldn't report her if he'd send her some pics of herself.

"I'm not f**** with u b**** I'll do it" he sent. 


Her response? She reminded him via screenshot that what he'd just done was blackmail and a crime. 

Tabitha admits in her Imgur post that her language may have been out of line.

"OK, I realise this makes me look bad but hear me out," she explained. "He took a picture of my ass when I was leaning in my car to get his pizza and I was still pretty pissed about it.

"This was an "unprofessional" response and I would like to clarify I would never have said any of this to a customer while working.

"But when you sexually harass an employee and then text them outside of work the employee no longer has any obligation to treat you as a customer."

Even the usually harsh Imgur community was right behind her, however, with many comments backing her up.

Many referred to the customer as a "creepy scumbag" for trying to extort pictures from her. 

- Daily Mail

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