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David Schwimmer: 'My five-year-old daughter loves beer'

DAVID Schwimmer's five-year-old daughter loves beer.

The 49-year-old actor has daughter Cleo with wife Zoe Buckman and revealed that he let the youngster try wine which she hated when he was researching his role on 'Feed the Beast', where he plays a sommelier, but she developed a fondness for beer instead.

He told chat show host Seth Meyers: "So listen, I don't know how the other parents are out there, but my thought when I pour myself a glass of wine that my wife and I have over dinner and my daughter says 'Can I try that?' I thought, 'Well, if you start saying no then they're just going to want it more'. So I thought 'Yeah, alright, yeah go ahead, sweetie, have a sip.' And luckily she was like 'Blah no!'

"It worked until I let her try beer and she loves it. I'm serious! If I have a beer out, if I turn my back, she'll be chugging it."

Joking about his research for the TV show, he added: "My research is tough. I have to drink a lot, so that's not easy."

Meanwhile, David - who portrayed Ross Gellar on 'Friends' - revealed he was thrilled to come home one day and find Cleo and Zoe watching it.

He said: "I came home once and saw that my wife was watching an episode with Cleo.

"It was a lovely experience but also quite strange to see that my daughter is looking at me walk in the room.

"Literally she screamed, 'Daddy, you're on TV.' It was really sweet."

David and Zoe tied the knot in 2010 after three years of dating and welcomed Cleo the following year. 

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