David Koch is furious with Jack Watts.
David Koch is furious with Jack Watts.

Kochie erupts: ‘I’m absolutely ropeable’

PORT Adelaide chairman David Koch has blown up at Jack Watts after a video emerged of the Power star snorting a white substance off a woman's chest at Oktoberfest in Germany last year.

Watts' manager Paul Connors said it was not an illicit substance. It was allegedly Wiesn Pulver - a substance made up of menthol, sugar and glucose that is legal at the beer festival.

But that explanation hasn't stopped Koch from unloading on Watts for his "utter stupidity" on radio this morning.

"Just the height of stupidity," Koch told FIVEaa Breakfast. "Yes, it was on holidays, yes, it was at Oktoberfest … and it was a consensual act between two adults, but having said that, putting yourself in that position is utter stupidity."

"It was simply brainless. We're not hiding from it. It's a terrible reflection on not only him but it's a terrible reflection on the club, the playing group, our members - we're embarrassed.

"For a bloke to do that, it's inexcusable."

Koch said he was "absolutely ropeable" with the former No. 1 draft pick, who made the move to South Australia from Melbourne at the end of the 2017 season.

However, the Power chairman conceded Watts' behaviour and attitude in the months since the video was taken has been impressive.

"Remember it happened last October. He has made a lot of behaviour changes over the last four or five months," Koch said.

"I'd absolutely throw the book at him if I had my way.

"I've got to say, this is last October. We have seen since he came back for pre-season a marked difference in his attitude, in his behaviour, which has been terrific."

Jack Watts was embarrassed by the incident.
Jack Watts was embarrassed by the incident.

An emotional Watts broke his silence on the matter yesterday, apologising for his actions and explaining his embarrassment about what the video showed.

"It's a pretty shocking look," Watts told Channel 9.

"I'm obviously really disappointed with myself and you can imagine having my parents and my sister watching a video like that - it's not a great feeling.

"The pain and the burden I've caused for the club and the supporters and the teammates and the coaches, that's probably what hurts me the most."

His apology came after AFL legend Garry Lyon slammed the 27-year-old, echoing Koch's sentiment that while nothing illegal took place, the stupidity on show was staggering.

"The stupidity involved in this is on different levels," Lyon told SEN Breakfast.

"From a Port Adelaide point of view, they'd just look at that and shake their head and say, 'Jack, what could you possibly achieve from something like this?'

"It's a legal substance, but surely at some stage, and it looked like he'd had a few jugs of beer, and it is the off-season, but gee whiz, what a stupid look for the competition and kids that are coming up.

"We know that drugs are huge issue in society and sport, for the look itself, he deserves to be fined at least.

"From what we are told it's not illegal, but the look is terrible. It's not a hanging offence, it's just a silly look."

Watts, the 2008, No. 1 draft pick, played 153 games for Melbourne before switching to Port, where he has played 19 games to date.

The club released a statement saying it was aware of the video and had spoken to Watts, with the AFL set to make its own enquiries.

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