Data reveals how many crimes committed in southwest Qld

As Roma police battle an unprecedented crime wave of break ins, a breakdown of data from Queensland Police Service reveals when and where criminals are striking and the trends in offences in towns across the southwest.

In just the past six months Roma police dealt with over 470 offences, however this is fortunately a stark comparison to over 770 offences committed in Dalby during the same period.

According to the Queensland Police Service Online Crime Map, between July 19, 2020 and January 18, 2021, 472 offences were committed in Roma.

The heat map revealed 71 of those offences occurred in the last month (December 19, 2020 – January 18, 2021), and as the town deals with a week-long crime wave of shocking break and enters, unsurprisingly unlawful entries made up almost a quarter of those offences.

Police reinforcements were called in from Maranoa’s outerlying towns to Roma to help neutralise a crime spree that started last week and resulted in more than a dozen homes broken into.

Furthermore, in that six month period, 75 of those crimes were good order offences, for example public nuisance.

Other theft (excluding unlawful entry) accounted for 66 of those 472 offences, 57 other property damages and 49 unlawful entries.

Overall, November last year was the busiest month for local police with 101 offences occurring, then October with 81 and December with 76.

Most offenders would strike from 9pm to midnight, with the busiest day being Friday and Sunday.

Interestingly, there were two arson offences committed on November 27, 2020 and January 8 2021 and five fraud offences, two of which occurred at a Bowen St residence.

There were 60 drug offences committed with six of them at one residence on Cottell St.

In an alarming comparison, Dalby had 776 offences, with drug offences alone making up about a quarter of that number.

The town saw a huge peak in crime in August with 150 offences committed, then slowly experienced a decline coming to the end of the year.

Good order offences made up a good chunk with 153 committed and 144 traffic and related crimes recorded.

Alone, there was more than 170 offences committed in close proximity to the Dalby police station, according to the heat map.

Chinchilla police dealt with close to 300 crimes in the same six month period.

71 of those offences were drug related, then other theft (excluding unlawful entry) and unlawful entry.

Chinchilla had a spike in crime in September with 63 offences occurring, before a drop in October and November with 31 and 43 crimes occurring respectively.

  • Mitchell, 40 offences, most common: drug offences (15)
  • Wallumbilla, 6 offences
  • Surat, 4 offences
  • St George, 171 offences, most common: traffic and related offences (36)
  • Miles, 83 offences, most common: traffic and related offences (18)

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