Is this an attack on Christmas or gravity? You decide ...
Is this an attack on Christmas or gravity? You decide ... whimn

Is this the craziest Christmas trend ever?

A LOT of bizarre things have happened in 2017 and the hits just keep coming. The latest casualty? Christmas trees.

Apparently traditional festive firs are finished and the only way to display your tree is upside-down, which is problematic for many reasons, including but not limited to the physics of watering and present placement.

The trend actually started last Christmas, when a San Francisco shopping centre suspended a giant upside-down tree from its ceiling, to the collective exasperation of social media users.

But despite the general ridicule at the time, upside-down trees have bizarrely become a thing, appearing all over Instagram this silly season and in countless public displays worldwide, most notably in London's Claridges Hotel.

You can even buy an artificial version in Australia  at Balsam Hill, which is allegedly specifically designed for a topsy-turvy Aussie warm Christmas, though it will set you back nearly $1000.

"Designed for the Land Down Under, where Christmas can mean a roast turkey as much as it means a seafood feast on the barbie, our Upside-Down Christmas Tree allows you to have a holiday celebration as unique as Australia's Christmas traditions," the Balsam Hill website reads.

"This fanciful Christmas tree has an inverted design that not only provides more room for presents-it captures the magic and merriment of the holidays in true Australian fashion by turning tradition on its head."

Unsurprisingly, public opinion is still mixed at best, with most commentators mocking the trend mercilessly.

Upside-down trees aren't a completely new thing though - the first trees in Central and Eastern Europe were always hung from the ceiling to represent the Holy Trinity. It quickly became more common to have them the right way up so the tip was pointing to heaven. Also, it's logistically much easier and way less weird.

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