Probation 'isn't a slap on the wrist' for brutal assault

CITY safe cameras captured the moment a man committed a brutal public assault in Ipswich City Mall outside Lowes.

Bradley James Ennis, 24, chased down his victim calling out "you're talking shit about my sister you dog" on February 1.

Ennis spotted his target while walking across the bridge towards Riverlink.

He then chased him into Woolworths at the bottom of the mall and waited for the man outside where he punched him ten times in the chest and head.

The victim fell backwards, shattering a glass stand.

On Monday Ennis pleaded guilty to the crimes which the court heard, via a victim impact statement, had left the man fearful of going out in public.

Defence barrister Matthew Fairclough said Ennis had since moved to Morayfield, was out of work and facing mental health issues.

"He says he has trouble keeping control of his anger," Mr Fairclough told the court.

"That day, he lost the plot."

Magistrate David Shepherd told Ennis to get his emotions in check or he would end up in jail.

"You simply can't go around attacking people in public," Mr Shepherd said.

"Mental health issues don't excuse your behaviour."

Ennis was sentenced to an 18-month probation order with a special condition that he undergo psychological treatment.

"This isn't a slap on the wrist. If you commit another crime you will be brought back for re-sentencing," he said.

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