Conor John Hennessy fronted the Roma Magistrates Court.
Conor John Hennessy fronted the Roma Magistrates Court.

COURT: Repeat offender fronts Roma court for 11 offences

INSTEAD of a golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Brisbane police officers found meth inside a chocolate bar belonging to Conor John Hennessy, which gave him a golden ticket to Roma Magistrates Court.

The Roma court heard on September 29 that police intercepted Hennessy, 26, and two other adults driving in Theodore at 1pm on July 31.

Officers executed a search warrant and located 0.01 grams of methamphetamine hidden in a chocolate bar wrapper found in the defendant’s bag.

Hennessy told police he thought it was ice.

Police also found a container with used needles and a metal spoon with burn marks on the bottom and Hennessy admitted to using the utensils to inject ice.

Officers also located a restricted drug – 4ml of an anti-nausea drug, typically used during chemotherapy. The defendant told police he did not have a prescription for the drug.

However, his lawyer L Reed told the court her client was on his way home from a fishing competition and uses the drug to treat nausea out at sea.

Further, police prosecutor sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff told the court at 11.50pm on January 31 in Wandoan, police were called to a disturbance at the Juandah Hotel Motel.

Hennessy was drinking and playing pool with another male before he became antagonistic and insulting towards the defendant and offered to fight him.

Hennessy later told police he regretted getting into a fight with the man and has since apologised to staff at the hotel for his behaviour.

The court heard then at 10pm on May 6, Brisbane police officers were conducting patrols in the city and spoke to Hennessy on Charlotte and George St for an unrelated matter.

While talking to the defendant, officers observed his pupils to be dilated.

Hennessy admitted to police he had used illicit drugs in the past 24 hours.

While police executed a search warrant, he told officers he was in possession of a knife.

Police also found 0.33 grams of methamphetamine and a $5 note which had been rolled up.

He told police he was carrying the knife because he didn’t trust people in the city.

Ms Reed said her client was fishing in Brisbane and that’s why he was in possession of the knife.

Sergeant Boodnikoff told Magistrate Peter Saggers that some of these offences had breached his current probation order, but they’re not offences of a like-nature.

The defendant pleaded guilty to committing public nuisance within a licensed premises, contravening a direction order, two counts of possessing utensils, two counts of possessing dangerous drugs, unlawful possession of restricted drugs, possession of a knife and three counts of failing to appear in accordance with an undertaking.

Ms Reed said her client didn’t appear in court because he is currently trying to prove to his boss that he is worthy of his job so decided to work instead of going to court.

The magistrate told Hennessy, “you won’t have this job for long if you don’t deal with your drug issues”.

“If you have a drug problem, you have to deal with it.

“There’s drug offending from July 2019 right through to September this year and experience says, those two times wouldn’t have been the only times you have used methamphetamine.

“And unless you deal with it, it will haunt you.

“You will keep coming back here and will lose your job.”

The magistrate fined Hennessy $1750 for the 11 offences with a conviction recorded.

For breaching his probation order, Hennessy was fined another $1750 and the conviction was recorded.

“So, the net result is $2500 – that’s why you are going to work, to pay that back so work hard,” the magistrate said.

“You won’t be subject to any probation order, just pay that and stay off the gear, now is your opportunity.”

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