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Could click and collect be possible for Roma Woolies?

"CLICK and collect is a service already available in places like Toowoomba, so why isn't it available out here?"

That's the question being asked by Muckadilla resident Shannon Crocker, who has started a petition for the Roma Woolworths to introduce a 'click and collect' service to the area, allowing shoppers to order online and pick up their goods from the store.

Ms Crocker explained it would make it easier for rural residents to collect their goods without having to take time out of their day to browse aisles.

"People that live further out have a hard time shopping. It definitely benefits the elderly and the disabled as well, as they're able to get people to pick it up for them," she said.

"I understand that people want to stay traditional, but if I could go in and get my order without having to spend the hour shopping, it would make it easier.

"It's especially hard with little kids; shopping with them is not fun at all."

Her petition for the service has already garnered more than 230 signatures, with both local and rural residents voicing their support.

With several locations having already introduced the service, Ms Crocker maintained that rural areas should be part of the rollout.

"People in rural areas are sick of being left behind. Services in cities should be available out in the regions," she said.

"The same service is offered in Emerald; some people on rural properties will actually do their shopping there over Roma.

"People should sign the petition and get behind it, and then we'll see what Woolies do with it."

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