Tracey Joynson

How perverts are ruining North Coast nude beach

YUTI McLean says the once peaceful Tyagarah beach between Byron Bay and Brunswick Heads has become overrun with "inappropriate" sexual behaviour by a growing group of men.

In protest of this unwelcome trend, the Mullumbimy woman is planning a march between Tyagarah and Belongil to promote saving the beach from "sex focus and harassment".

Tyagarah has been a legal nude beach, although the kind of public sex acts that are known to be regularly performed in the sand dunes are definitely not.

Things have gone from discreet to overt in recent years in what Ms McLean described as an "unbearable atmosphere" due to an "excess expression of sexual demand by men".

"Many very illegal forms of behaviour have frightened women and annoyed men, which has prevented many previously regular visitors from ever desiring to return," Ms McLean said in a Facebook post.

"The amount of men behaving inappropriately is constantly increasing."

"Therefore many of us feel strongly that now is the time for us to reclaim this beautiful beach by celebrating our water, air, sand and good health while simultaneously expressing to those offenders just how we are experiencing their impact."

Ms McLean said she was envisioning the event as a "collective statement to change/transform the whole consciousness of this zone."

The event would ask all walkers - men, women, and children - to dress in red, and carrying a banner with a "positive message" about the beach.

"The idea also is to organise filming and photographing equipment to capture any inappropriate behaviour carried out by men seen on the way," Ms McLean wrote.

"It is a beautiful low tide walk and we imagine a very pleasant two hour experience for precious souls to enjoy while making a very strong statement."

Interested parties are asked to contact Ms McLean on her Facebook page.

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